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About ANS

ANS is a fortnightly e-mail newsletter for Acorn RISC OS users, first published in 1998 by Eytan Abrahams.

ANS also provides the ANS RISC OS Filebase, a comprehensive searchable database of RISC OS software, which has proved to be a great hit.

Back issues of ANS can be downloaded from our archive section, in both HTML and text format. All back issues can also be searched, with our powerful search facility.

ANS is edited by James Sears. The website is created and maintained by Stephen Courtney.

Filebase: New and Updated Software
New and updated software on the ANS RISC OS Filebase

Draw-to-SVG converter (1.04)
Width and height are added as percentages. (2019-02-20 19:58 GMT)

RiscLua (6.3)
Version 6.3 is syntactically compatible with 5.70. (2018-05-31 13:32 GMT)

DoubleTake (1.09)
The hold delay has been made configurable. (2016-08-13 12:44 GMT)

Z80Tube (1.14)
Emulates a Z80 coprocessor attached to an Acorn RISC OS computer in the same way that 65Tube emulates a 6502 coprocessor. (2016-07-17 18:01 GMT)

PDPTube (0.28)
Emulates a PDP-11 coprocessor attached to an Acorn RISC OS computer in the same way that 65Tube emulates a 6502 coprocessor. (2016-07-17 17:58 GMT)


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Drobe Launchpad News
Latest RISC OS news and information

BBC4's Micro Men: an interview and review
Ahead of tonight's Micro Men programme, which charts the rivalry between Sir Clive Sinclair and Acorn Computers in the early 1980s, drobe.co.uk spoke to the film's producer, Andrea Cornwell, to find out more about the show - and now you can read our review of the film (2009-10-08 19:48 GMT)

'Threaded' Firefox for RISC OS build released to test
An experimental build of the RISC OS port of Firefox that promises a smoother experience has been released for people to test. You'll need the latest version and then replace its executable with the one from here. The technical bit: developer Peter Naulls has moved the browser's polling for user interaction into a separate thread to aid multitasking with the rest of the RISC OS desktop. (2009-09-08 00:33 GMT)

In brief: Acorn World show this weekend
Archive editor Jim Nagel summarises what to expect at the retro-themed show. Official website here [Update 2] A report by iconbar.com's Phil Mellor of the sell-out show is here - with pictures (2009-09-08 00:24 GMT)

RISCOScode.com webzine publishes autumn issue
Drobe man Martin Hansen has updated his personal web publishing endeavour, RISCOScode.com, with a new issue for the autumn. It includes interviews with an organiser of the inaugural London RISC OS show, to be held in October 2009, and Richard Hallas, plus more bits and pieces. Go check it out. It's free. (2009-09-04 03:51 GMT)

Tanks a lot! Double USB toy driver joy
RISC OS USB guru Dave Higton has released drivers for two remote-controlled gadgets: an 'executive mayhem' tank and a mini car. Get ready to order your armoured, missile-firing kit into position and destroy your office colleagues, or instead swap your computer's circuits for your own race track with a remote-controlled banger. The source code is available and the software should work on Simtec and Castle USB stacks. (2009-09-03 23:30 GMT)

Video: Prof Steve Furber on 8-bit Acorn days and beyond
In an interview filmed at Manchester University on August 17, Prof Stephen Furber CBE talks about his involvement with the Mk14, how he became involved with Acorn Computers, the success of the BBC Micro, the development of the ARM processor and his latest project: SpiNNaker. (2009-09-03 23:07 GMT)

Online RISC OS mag proposed
An anonymous editor has revealed he or she plans to produce an online quarterly magazine for RISC OS users. There will be no subscription charge as readers can instead pay per issue. The publication will be called Drag 'N Drop and downloadable in PDF format. Drobe has tried to contact the publisher, but there was no immediate reply: we were curious as to who was behind the venture, how much each issue will cost, what it will look like and why the decision to go for PDFs rather than a normal website of articles - this is beside the point of why should writers contribute to a completely new mag when there is a great alternative still going. Feel free to send in your screenshots and short assembler demos, though. (2009-09-03 23:04 GMT)

ARM-powered computer firm in RISC OS port talks
US-based company Genesi, which builds ARM Cortex-powered appliances that could be compatible with the RISC OS Open Beagleboard work, is said to be in talks with RISC OS companies over a possible port of the OS to its products. It's hoped ROS 5 could be made to run on the lightweight EFIKA MX Open Client, which sports a 800MHz Cortex-A8 processor, 3D graphics hardware, 512M RAM, wifi networking and more. Genesi analyst Matt Sealey said: "RISC OS is really popular in the UK and the last dedicated RISC OS box - the Iyonix - has been discontinued for six months. We are currently questioning the relevant companies in the UK, including [ROS 5 owners] Castle, about collaboration and marketing efforts, and the support they'd need to make it a reality." The EFIKA MX Open Client costs about 160 quid in real money. (2009-08-30 18:37 GMT)


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