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 1) Editorial
 2) General News
 3) Commercial News
 4) PD/Shareware News
 5) Club News
 6) ANS information


  This issue of ANS completes the first full year of ANS. Our first issue
  went out on 18th February 1998. From a handful of members in the early
  days, we have grown ten fold. Thanks to you!

  The outstanding work of the webmasters has helped a great deal in this
  development. The work that Stephen has put in over the last several months
  is outstanding. Changing a dying site, in to a vibrant one! Of course
  other people "behind the scenes" who don't seem to do much, but actually
  do the most. To name just one, James Sears, and of course many Acorn

  The next few months should see some exciting developments in relation to
  RISC OS. Hopefully ANS will be informed of developments by companies
  involved, so we can continue to bring you the latest news.

  Keep on enjoying ANS, and the many features on the site. A couple of new
  and exciting features are due to hit the Acorn world very soon! Don't
  forget the ANS Awards '99, which are currently taking place on the ANS
  site. Take a look (http://www.acornusers.org/ans/), and cast a vote.


  Editor, ANS.

General News

 1) ANS Awards '99

  ANS are pleased to announce that we have launched another new feature on
  our website. This is a chance for you to vote for your favourite Acorn
  Company, Software, Hardware, and Website. Commercial and non-Commercial
  Software and Websites are being voted for.

  To participate in this exciting and unique event, simply visit the ANS
  website (http://www.acornusers.org/ans/) and follow the link to the 1999
  ANS Awards.

 2) UK 8-bit Computer Users Convention

  There is to be a big get together for 8bit computer enthusiasts in
  September this year. It will be called "The UK 8bit Convention", or UK8
  for short, and will be a cross-format event for *all* 8bit computer

  Rather than just being a "buying and selling" event, the organisers hope
  to give users a chance to show off their preferred computers and software,
  as well as providing comfortable facilities for socialising.

  UK8 will be held in the English midlands (The Saddlers Club, Walsall, near
  Birmingham) on Sunday September 26th 1999. 0930 to 1700, GBP2 admission.

  Tables (with space behind them for chairs and display boards) can then be
  booked by representatives of clubs, magazines and individuals, at a cost
  of five pounds per table. By keeping table costs down, the organisers hope
  to involve as many of the smaller support organisations as possible.

  For a further information as it becomes available send an e-mail to
  uk8@spheroid.demon.co.uk or write, enclosing an A4 stamped addressed
  envelope, to Brian Watson, Harrowden, 39 High Street, Sutton, ELY,
  Cambs., CB6 2RA, England.

 3) acornarcade.com - one year on!

  Acorn Arcade's 1st birthday is just around the corner, and to cope with
  continuing expansion the games website has taken on several new members to
  head up new sections. The additions to the team are Tom White, Simon
  Jones, Foggy (AKA 'Man of Mystery'), Musus Umbra and Theodore Rimspoke.
  Other sections are in the pipeline.

  Recent updates include:
    * A full preview of Heretic and Hexen
    * Reviews of Wubble and Xenocide
    * A newly updated /free/ copy of Terramex
    * The Evolution demo competition entries to download

  All online at http://www.acornarcade.com/

 4) Initial Public Announcement about RISCOS Ltd

  The Steering Group have announced that a new company - RISCOS Ltd - has
  been formed following discussions, initially with Acorn Computers Ltd, and
  now Element 14 Ltd over the future marketing and development of RISC OS 4.

  Note that to avoid confusion the company should always be referred to as
  "RISCOS Ltd", and the operating system as "RISC OS". Hopefully this will
  also finally stop the use of "RiscOS", which has always been incorrect.

  Also RISCOS Ltd would like to hear from any freelance or part-time
  programmers, to compile a complete register of available talent.

  RISCOS Ltd needs: your contact details; your specialities, eg ARM code,
  BASIC, drivers, C++ etc; any commercial experience (and your usual rates
  if you currently work commercially); the equipment you have available; and
  your availability, eg you have a full time job, but have 2 nights per week
  free for other jobs.

  This information will be collated by RISCOS Ltd to provide a database for
  potential employers looking for contract or full time coders. Contact Paul
  Middleton (paul@uniqueway.co.uk.

 5) MIDI controller series

  Readers of the old Archimedes World Music page may be pleased to hear that
  a series of articles will soon be published in Acorn User. These will
  complete the information about MIDI controllers, which Michael Cowgill had
  started in his Archimedes World column.

 6) The Acorn Auction in aid of Comic Relief

  The auction has officially topped the magic grand, with total was fast
  approaching GBP1100. Also more software has been added from Atomik
  Software, Wardlaw Software, Acorn Arcade, R-Comp Interactive, and Icon
  Technology. Remember, the auction closes on the 6th March 1999.

  See http://www.acornusers.org/comicrelief/ for more information.

 7) Acorn Links page updated

  Paul Vigay has just updated his comprehensive links page to Acorn software
  and resources, available at econet@jml.net as both the body *and* the subject line to

Commercial News

 1) Pineapple update virus protection

  The latest version of the Killer anti-virus software has recently had some
  major improvements.

  Killer forms part of the software which is distributed to members of the
  Pineapple Virus Protection Scheme as part of the regular updating service.

  The scheme has been running for nearly seven years now, and in that time
  the number of known viruses has increased from around 20 back in 1992 to
  over 200 at the present time.

  With the addition of detection routines for all the new viruses, Killer
  had been becoming somewhat slower in operation, so a major re-write of the
  detection and removal routines was undertaken.

  The latest version (v3.2x) currently being distributed scans at up to four
  times faster than previous versions and a number of other improvements
  have been added, including the ability to scan a selection of objects.

  The price of joining the Virus Protection Scheme is GBP28.20 inc VAT for
  the first year's subscription, with a reduced fee for subsequent years.
  Updates are distributed approximately every four months.

  Details from Pineapple Software, tel 0181 599 1476,
  sales@pineaple.demon.co.uk, http://www.pineaple.demon.co.uk/

 2) New from ECS: ECS Puzzler

  The next application in the raft of new releases from ECS is now ready to
  ship. Following on from NewSaver comes ECS Puzzler, an educational and/or
  fun program which turns any image in your RISC OS Desktop in to a mixed up
  grid of rectangles, which you can spend ages putting back in the right

  Solving an ECS Puzzler puzzle could be a difficult task but lots of help
  features have been added to ensure that anyone can do it. Turn them off
  and the top level of 110 pieces is too much for most people, but anyone
  can manage four.

  ECS Puzzler has been used extensively in a special needs department and by
  other children. Beware though, something like this can prove to be
  addictive and as it is utterly harmless and highly beneficial for hand-eye
  coordination a prohibitively high price has (not) been imposed to protect

  ECS Puzzler costs GBP10 ex VAT, and is available direct from ECS, by post
  (ECS Nottingham LTD, 2nd floor 107 Carlton Road, Nottingham, NG3 2FB),
  phone (0115 979 9684), fax (0115 979 9685), or e-mail ecsltd@ecsltd.co.uk.

  See http://www.innotts.co.uk/~ecsltd/ for details.

 3) Win a copy of Cerilica Vantage

  Cerilica is pleased to announce a competition in which the winner can
  either win the new RISC OS design and publishing package, Cerilica
  Vantage, or come away with a hundred pound discount on the package.

  Within the month of February a graphic will be placed somewhere on the
  pages of the newly formed Cerilica website (http://www.cerilica.com/). The
  first person to find the graphic and send it along with the location will

  PRIZES... People who have placed a thirty pound deposit for the package
  before the discovery of the graphic will receive the full software free -
  this is an effective saving of over 200 pounds, taking the VAT, package
  and postage into account!

  Those who have not placed a deposit can claim one hundred pounds off the
  final price of the package. For details about the graphic that you will be
  seeking, please refer to the new contest section of the Cerilica website
  (http://www.cerilica.com/). Rules are also posted on the site.

 4) ArgoNet to supply ANT Internet Suite

  21 Jan 1999 - http://www.ant.co.uk/press/argosales.html

  ANT Limited has announced all new sales of its Acorn based product range
  will be handled through ANT's partner, ArgoNet.

  This change will enable ANT to further develop its market leading range of
  technologies and allows ArgoNet to consolidate its position as the leading
  supplier of Internet connectivity and related products to the Acorn

  "Today's announcement is a further strengthening of the relationship
  between ANT and ArgoNet, allowing ANT to focus further on core product
  development and ArgoNet to offer a more comprehensive package to its
  customers," said Simon Woodward, Managing Director of ANT.

  Customers will of course be able to continue purchasing from their local
  dealers who will continue to support their customers' needs on a very
  individual basis.

  All sales enquiries for ANT's products should be directed to ArgoNet with
  immediate effect. Support for ANT's products will continue on email at
  support@ant.co.uk or telephone on +44 (0)1223 567808 until further notice.

 5) Textease Multimedia wins BETT award

  Textease Multimedia won the Primary Award at the BETT '99 show at Olympia,
  London, January 1999.

  Five nominations were made for the award, and these were then voted on by
  primary teachers, via Education Computing and Technology magazine, and
  their website.

  Nomination for this category were:
    * Hyperstudio (TAG Developments Ltd)
    * Number Magic (Research Machines)
    * Story Maker (Spa Ltd)
    * Talking First Word 3 (Research Machines)
    * Textease Multimedia (Softease Limited)

  Further information is available at http://www.textease.com/

 6) Topcat released by Microlynx

  Topcat, a new thin client/server product from Microlynx for use with Acorn
  computers was released at BETT '99.

  Designed for Microsoft Windows NT, Topcat allows Acorn computers to boot
  from a Windows NT server to run RISC OS applications, and with Citrix's
  ICA technology, Citrix Metaframe and the Terminal Server Edition of NT,
  Acorn computers have access to 32bit Windows applications.

  For more information see http://www.microlynx.co.uk/

 7) TopModel 2.14, new plugin and CD ready

  Spacetech are pleased to announce that TopModel v2.14 is now in stock, and
  upgrades for existing users are also available. The price of TopModel 2.14
  is GBP152.75 inc VAT. Upgrades for existing users are GBP29.95 inc VAT or
  free with the TopModel CD Collection 2. TopModel CD Collection 2 costs
  GBP58.63 inc VAT and includes the 2.14 upgrade and Top3Dfont plug in.

  TopModel CD Collection is an invaluable resource for both 3D designers and
  graphic artists. Hundreds of models and textures are provided to enhance
  your work, from web pages to your programs' interface. You can produce
  stunning images (or simple icons) to bring new life in your creations.

  See http://pages.inrete.it/sincronia/topmodel/cd2.html for details and
  examples, or follow the TopModel links from the Spacetech pages at

PD/Shareware News

 1) Wimp2 updated, compatibility list available

  A new version of Wimp2, the preemptive multitasker for RISC OS, is now
  available from http://www.nedprod.com/programs/RISC-OS/Wimp2/

  Wimp2 v0.32 fixes various bugs as well as adding hourglass handling to
  ensure the hourglass still makes sense. Version 0.22 of WimpPatch is
  available from http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~crackman/wpatch.htm

  Also Henry Morgan has put together a website detailing software
  compatibility with Wimp2. There will also be a form on the Wimp2 site
  where you can submit details to add to the compatibility list.

  The Wimp2 Compatibility listing is at:

 2) Autofaq for the ANT Internet Suite

  Autofaq automatically sends an FAQ to a newsgroup, once per month. It will
  send an FAQ that is multi-part, will alter the header for each part of the
  FAQ to ensure that it is unique and correctly dated, and only needs one
  variable altering within the program and that is the number of FAQ parts.

  Autofaq is freeware and available from http://www.g4nzk.demon.co.uk/

 3) RCS Revision Control System v5.7.1.2

  A stable and working port of the GNU Revision Control System, RCS v5.7, is
  now available for RISC OS.

  RCS it is a tool for programmers, which allows you to keep track of the
  different versions (revisions) you made of your source files, retrieve
  older versions of your sources, add comments to describe each change you
  made in a file, etc.

  For more information see http://www.xs4all.nl/~erikgrnh/acorn/rcsinfo/

 4) Squeak 2.3 now available for  RISC OS

  Squeak version 2.30 is now available for Acorn RiscPC with RISC OS 3.7 or
  later. See http://sumeru.stanford.edu/tim/pooters/squeak.html to find out
  how to download it. The download is about 4.5MB and expands to about 12MB
  on disc. You need 5/6-ish MB of free RAM to run it, though with some work
  it should be possible to configure it to run on a 4MB machine.

  This latest version has a a new vector graphics package (including ability
  to read and display ShockWave files), new versions of the web browser,
  mail reader and web server, but still lacks sound and serial port access.
  Offers of help in these respects would be most gratefully received.
  Performance has been increased by around 30% over previous versions.

  Squeak is a public domain Smalltalk system, the original object oriented
  programming language and environment from which most OSs have learnt about
  windowing, pixel displays, menus and so on. You will need to read about
  Smalltalk to make best use of it, since it is likely to be quite
  unfamiliar to you at first.

  For information about Smalltalk try The Squeak Archive at UIUC

 5) IClear, new version + source code

  IClear is a module which enables text to be cleared from a writable icon
  by double-clicking on it with the mouse and typing new text. This can
  often be easier than typing Ctrl-U to delete the existing text.

  The module has been available as freeware for several years now and is
  believed to have a fairly large number of users. There have recently been
  reports, though, of trouble when using IClear with some applications,
  notably Octopus Systems' Caller Display.

  Author, Martyn Fox, has written a new version to overcome these problems.
  A new feature has also been added. Precision drags are now possible by
  holding down a mouse button and using the arrow keys to move the pointer
  by one pixel in the direction of the arrow. This is a little-known feature
  of Draw which IClear makes global.

  The new version of IClear, with or without its source code, can be
  downloaded from http://www.argonet.co.uk/users/mfox/software/

 6) RealAudio 1.02

  RealAudio 1.02, a RealAudio file format decoder for RISC OS, is now
  available from http://www.neutralino.demon.co.uk/

  The authors (Kira L Brown, Rachel Greenham, Justin Fletcher, Julian Brown)
  deserve the thanks of all Acorn users for providing access to this widely
  used format, which has been unavailable on RISC OS for so long.

  However remember RealAudio is still a propriety format, and that ISO's
  MPEG audio standards should be used instead, where possible.

 7) LongFiles 2.10 now released

  LongFiles 2.10 has just been released, and is available from

  The only main changes have been to the CDFS code, where a slight problem
  had crept in. The next version should be available with RISC OS 4 support,
  so you will be able to make LongFiles attach to discs, rather than filing

 8) Free OSLib 5.31

  Following Jonathan Coxhead's release last month of OSLib as free software
  under the GPL, a group of supporters have banded together to ensure a
  directed further development of this product. This group presently
  consists of Jonathan himself, Richard Sargeant, Tom Hughes and Tony van
  der Hoff. The group would welcome anyone with further submissions.

  OSLib provides a set of veneers to all SWIs in the system, and allows them
  to be called in a fast and consistent APCS compliant way from C, C++ and

  A web site has been set up at http://www.mk-net.demon.co.uk/ to form a
  central distribution point for Free OSLib, and you'll find 5.31 there,
  together with the full source code if you want it.

  Version 5.31 contains a number of changes and bug-fixes over the commonly
  available version 5.1 (released in 1995); go to the web site for more

  Several mailing lists are available, including one for announcements about
  OSLib. To subscribe send a message to maillist@arcade.demon.co.uk with
  Subject: SUBSCRIBE oslib-news

 9) Q-Lock and Mail-Lock updated

  A new version of Q-Lock (version 1.1) has been released at

  Q-Lock is a utility that enables you to encrypt all your sensitive data
  with a high level of security, or to retrieve it, in a simple manner. It
  uses the same strong encryption method as PGP, but PGP itself is not

  This new version contains major enhancements over earlier ones, including
  the ability to encrypt many different directories, a simplified procedure
  for 'nuking' sensitive data, better safeguards against accidental data
  loss due to careless use, and better documentation.

  Also if you use ANT's Marcel, and you need to protect any sensitive mail
  folders from prying eyes, you can do this by means of Mail-Lock, which is
  also available from http://web.bham.ac.uk/N.M.Queen/pgp/acorn.html

  Although Mail-Lock is designed for use with Marcel, it should also work
  with other mail programs in which different mail folders are stored as
  files within a common directory.

Club News
         *Brought to you with The Association of Acorn User Groups*

 The AAUG website provides details of all the user groups worldwide, and
 how you can benefit from becoming a member. For more information, visit:


 1) February meeting dates

  The following user group meetings are planned for February. Always check
  the AAUG website (http://www.argonet.co.uk/scs/AAUG/) to confirm details.

  February 1999
   3rd - SARC meeting - Bygones, a little nostalgia
   8th - DARC meeting - Ian Caswell, EDS (Year 2000 bug)
  11th - NKACC meeting - Build a PC!
  20th - Acorn SouthWest Show - See website for more information
  23rd - Blackpool meeting
  24th - Bristol meeting - Paul Middleton of Uniqueway & RISC OS Ltd

 2) Southampton Acorn Users Group

  The next meeting on the Southampton Acorn Users Group is on Monday 8th
  February 1999. Venue: Itchen College (1st Floor), Middle Road, Sholing,
  Southampton. Time: 1900 to 2100 hours.

  For further information, please contact either: Dave Higton, e-mail
  davehigton@arcade.demon.co.uk, tel 01703222312; or Ted Lacey, e-mail
  tedell@argonet.co.uk, tel 01703 325560.

 3) Arche ACORN User Club

  The Arche ACORN User Club is a user group which organizes a meeting in
  Essen, Germany, every 2 months. Members and guests can there exchange
  their experiences and problems with the Acorn Archimedes and RiscPC. Every
  Acorn user is invited to the next meeting on Saturday 14th February, 1pm.

  The meeting is held at: Haus des Sports (Hauptbad), Steeler Strasse 38,
  Essen, Germany. Of course you are allowed to bring your Archimedes or
  RiscPC to the meeting (remember a multiple electrical cable extension).

  More information in German is available at http://www.arcsite.de/arche/ or
  email arche@arcsite.de.

ANS Information

 1) Credits

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