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 1) Editorial
 2) General News
 3) Commercial News
 4) PD/Shareware News
 5) Club News
 6) ANS information

  The Wakefield show has come and gone, and although there are some major
  new products in the pipeline, we have to wait a little longer for the new
  hardware and OS.

  Acorn Arcade has an excellent summary of the major items that were on show
  at Wakefield, especially useful if, like me, you could not attend. Read it
  at http://www.acornarcade.com/features/misc/wakefield99/, and also view
  screen shots of RISC OS 4 and Cerilica Vantage.

  Also remember that you can forward a copy of ANS to anyone you know might
  be interested in receiving the newsletter. Details of how to subscribe
  appear below, and on our web site at http://www.acornusers.org/ans/.

  James Sears, Editor.

General News

 1) Kosovo CD and charity site

  Paul Johnson and Dave Clare have put together an Acorn software CD, which
  is being sold to raise money to help Kosovan refugees.

  The CD includes past Archimedes World cover disks and the contents of the
  only ArcWorld CD, Acorn Clan disks, commercial demos, PD / Freeware /
  Shareware, games, and graphics, as well as full versions of the commercial
  programs Rhapsody 2, AudioWorks, MacFSLight, and Compression.

  The CD was available at Wakefield, and can still be bought by mail order
  from Acorn User, APDL, Archive, Clares, and Paul Johnson himself. The CD
  costs just GBP6.25 including postage.

  For details see the Kosovo Appeal section of Acorn Charity Site, hosted
  on acornusers.org at http://www.acornusers.org/charitysite/Kosovo/.

 2) Reminder: ANS/ADL have moved, newsletter now available in German

  Just a quick reminder that a German version of ANS is now available, and
  that the ANS and ADL mailing lists have moved. To subscribe to the mailing
  lists, send any e-mail to:
    ans-subscribe@ans.acornusers.org for the original English ANS,
    ansde-subscribe@ans.acornusers.org for the German version of ANS,
    adl-subscribe@ans.acornusers.org for the Acorn Discussion List.

  Alternatively the ANS web site http://www.acornusers.org/ans/ includes
  information on ANS and ADL, as well as easy to use web forms to join or
  leave any ANS mailing list.

 3) New Acorn information web site

  Rob Brook has set up a new Acorn related web site, which features pictures
  and information on the Acorn range of machines, and soon also a beginners
  guide to using Acorns.

  http://welcome.to/benbrook/ (http://www.maxi-web.net/benbrook/).

Commercial News

 1) Generation Design

  Generation Design's new web site http://www.gendes.freeserve.co.uk/ is
  now online, and features information on their range of retro style budget
  games for all Acorn machines.

 2) New TopModel resources

  TopModel CD Collection 3 and the TopBones plug-in have been launched at
  the Wakefield show. Details of these new TopModel resources are available
  on the web at http://pages.inrete.it/sincronia/topmodel/.

  TopBones adds the ability to insert bones and skeletons in models and to
  manage them. TopBones greatly enhances the positioning of models, and can
  be automatically used by the animation suite, TopMotion.

  The TopModel CDROM 3 features hundreds of models and textures, which can
  be used to enhance your work, from web pages to program interfaces. Thanks
  to TopViewer you do not even need TopModel to view and rotate your models,
  saving stunning 3D images directly to the disc.

 3) CDFSFiler available from PEP Associates

  PEP Associates has announced the availability of its latest product,
  CDFSFiler, a drop-in replacement for Acorn's CDFSFiler. Features include:
    * Sophisticated audio disc player with audio disc database, track title
      editor and playlist editor.
    * Cache technology to enhance the data retrieval performance of your
      CD-ROM drive.
    * Support for Acorn's ShareFS.
    * Support for PEP Associates' VirtuaCD and CD-Net products.

  The basic product is FREE of charge and can be downloaded from PEP
  Associates' web site http://www.pep-assoc.co.uk/Products/CDFSFiler/.

  The audio database functionality and the CD-ROM cache technology are
  available as optional extras to the basic product for just GBP9.95 each
  (ie GBP18.90 for both features). 30-day evaluation licences for the
  features are available upon request from the download page on the web

 4) New EasiWriter/TechWriter Pro+ at Wakefield

  EasiWriter and TechWriter Pro+ have been released at the Wakefield show.
  New features include:
    * Support for Acorn's plug-in protocol to allow Java Applets to be run
      inside an EasiWriter/TechWriter document.
    * Support for animated GIFs and Animator files.
    * Over 100 new user defined keyboard shortcuts.
    * TechWriter exports equations at 300/360 dpi when saving as MS Word.
    * Graphics can be inserted left or right of multiple lines of text.

  For details see Icon Technology at http://www.icontechnology.net/.

 5) iSV Products launch new DrawWorks at Wakefield

  iSV Products has launched DrawWorks Millennium at the Wakefield show. 
  Supplied on CD, this product includes: 
    * DrawWorks Millennium with bitmap support, WMF import, and
      EPS import and export.
    * Over 1000 example clips.
    * A complete copy of Professional Typography 2100.
    * A new version of Mr Clippy with nested groups, WMF support etc.
    * New Dr Fonty that can export Type1 fonts.
    * ViVID graphics enhancers for all non-RiscPC computers.

  DrawWorks Millennium has an RRP of GBP60 (plus carriage). Upgrades are
  available for GBP30 on receipt of either an upgrade form, or the master
  disk from DrawWorks Designer, Mr Clippy or Dr Fonty.

  More details on DrawWorks Millennium will appear on the iSV Products web
  site http://members.aol.com/isvProduct/.

 6) BJC2000 driver from Spacetech

  Spacetech's continued development of PhotoReal and plain paper drivers for
  Canon printers, has produced an entirely new driver for the BJC2000 budget

  Similar to the BJC7x00 drivers, the new driver provides additional
  functions available on the Microsoft Windows driver, within the RISC OS
  environment. For the first time in the budget printer range, dot
  modulation is supported, which provides an alternative technology to 6
  colour printing used in more expensive printers.

  Chris Hornby of Spacetech said, "We have taken a bit of stick in the past
  about RISC OS drivers not being up to the standard of the [MS] Windows
  equivalent. At least now, our driver has the same bells and whistles and
  even though judgement of output quality is very subjective, many people
  who have seen our results say that the output quality is at least as

  Spacetech's web site is at http://www.spacetech.co.uk/.

 7) New R-Comp Interactive (RCI) products at Wakefield

  * Final Doom for RISC OS
    GT Interactive Software's "Final Doom" contains two complete 32 level
    iWADs (ie new games, Plutonia and TNT) for Doom. Final Doom levels can
    be played from CD, and with Doom+'s Cached startup, even a slow CD can
    give good performance.

    In addition to the CD and a RISC OS installation disc, the Acorn pack
    includes a detailed manual with background and storyline, an extensive
    FAQ with hints, tips, cheats and solutions.

    The levels are notably tougher than those of Ultimate Doom or Doom 2,
    include far more textures and graphics, and are suitable for both single
    player and network games.

    You will need Acorn Doom or Doom+ to run Final Doom. Final Doom alone
    costs GBP15 including VAT. http://www.rcomp.co.uk/

  * New Heretic and Doom+ releases
    A Heretic update is available which fixes several problems users have
    encountered after extended play, and also adds (bi)linear filtering of
    floors as well as walls.

    The Doom+ update is far more extensive, and includes many fixes and
    additions. R-Comp's web site is at http://www.rcomp.co.uk/.

  * Anthem MIDI Sequencer
    Anthem is a sophisticated new MIDI sequencing tool, working on the
    concept of musical "phrases". Once a phrase has been created, it can be
    played back on any instrument with different pan, reverb, transposition,
    and other effects. This is especially useful for building up repeated
    drum tracks, or repeating melodies on different instruments.

    Anthem allows for MIDI recording/play via many different instruments,
    although it will still work on a machine with no MIDI present!

    Anthem comes complete with a 120 page spiral bound manual with index,
    glossary and tutorial, and costs GBP70 inc VAT. For details visit RCI's
    web site http://www.rcomp.co.uk/.

  * Messenger Pro email/news client
    Messenger Pro is the next generation of the popular Messenger email
    tool, as supplied with various freeware Internet solutions, and extends
    the product in almost every area.

    The software works with all major Internet suites, including ANT,
    Voyager, and Termite. It also support the standard transports supplied
    with Pop, Popstar, Newshound, Freenews, FreSMTP and others.

    The software includes spell checking facilities (UK English supplied,
    others available), and will link into Jonathan Duddington's Speak for
    speech output, too.

    The standard edition of Messenger Pro is GBP30, and the site licence
    edition is GBP100. Messenger Pro will work on any version 3.1 or higher,
    and has been tested thoroughly on RISC OS 4 for several months. Details
    at http://www.rcomp.co.uk/.

 8) New emulators from Warm Silence Software

  * 6502Em - BBC emulator
    6502Em v3.00, a major new version of the BBC emulator for RISC OS, was
    launched at Wakefield. New features include better handling of split
    screen modes, scrolling, interrupts and timing. Many games now run
    better. Requirements: RISC OS 3.1 or above, 768KB wimpslot, ARM3 or
    or better recommended (StrongARM compatible).

  * Z80Em - Spectrum emulator
    Z80Em v3.00, a major new version of the Spectrum emulator for RISC OS,
    was launched at Wakefield. New features include a multitasking option,
    increased compatibility, 16bit sound support for Risc PCs, and support
    for SLT format. Requirements: RISC OS 3.1 or above, 384KB wimpslot,
    ARM3 or better recommended (StrongARM compatible).

    6502Em and Z80Em v3.00 are available for GBP17.63 inc VAT and P&P, each.
    Discounts are available for upgrades. Contact info@wss.co.uk or visit

 9) "Red Hot" file transfer

  Stuart Tyrrell Developments are pleased to announce the availability of
  their ParaFS disc sharing software.

  ParaFS, developed by Soft Option and distributed and supported by Stuart
  Tyrrell Developments, allows for fast, transparent sharing of all current
  filing systems between all RISC OS machines fitted with "new style"
  parallel ports (including Acorn A5000, A30x0, A4000, A7000/+ and RiscPC

  Tests show file transfer speeds in excess of 100KB/sec with a variety of
  machines, sharing hard and floppy discs, RAM discs, CD drives and others.
  This is approximately ten times faster than the highest speed of the
  RiscPC serial port, and over 50 times faster than the highest speed
  supported by RISC OS on A5000/A30x0 machines.

  ParaFS appears as a true filing system, and does not require the use of
  any specialised front-end software. Directories appear as if they are
  local to the machine, eg a shared directory "ADFS::Harddisc4.$.fred" could
  appear as "ParaFS::Remote.$.fred". In common with other filing systems,
  ParaFS works both inside and outside the desktop environment.

  ParaFS is available from Stuart Tyrrell Developments for GBP22.95, or
  GBP29.95 including an appropriate cable. http://www.stdevel.demon.co.uk/

 10) Internal modem for RiscPC

  Clares Micro Supplies http://www.claresmicro.com/ are now supplying a
  range of Internet connection options, including:

  * Internal modem
    Internal modem with pre connection to Freeserve, GBP99.

  * External modem
    External 56k V90 modem from 3Com/USR with pre connection to Freeserve
    costs GBP149, and is ideal for anyone who has no free podule slots or
    with an A7000.

  * External ISDN
    External Terminal Adapter for ISDN connection with pre connection to
    Freeserve costs GBP199. You have the option of using BT's current low
    cost installation at GBP49.

  All options come with pre registration on Freeserve and CD containing all
  required software. All items available now, contact Clares Micro Supplies
  on +44 (0)1606 833999 or email sales@claresmicro.com.

PD/Shareware News

 1) Infestation v3.33

  Version 3.33 of Infestation, a freeware game, is now available from

  This new version includes a new look front end, extra sound effects, game
  improvements, increased accuracy, and some fixes. A new version of the
  Level Editor to cope with the changes and additions is also available from
  the site.

 2) ASM 4.00 beta 2

  An update of version 4.00 of ASM (4.00B-2), a freeware ARM assembler, is
  now available from http://www.argonet.co.uk/users/tigger/programs/.

  This version corrects a bug in 4.00B-1 related to structure field names.

 3) DFI demo K2 source code released

  The complete source code to Paul Thomson's latest demo, K2, is available
  to download from: http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/~pat/dfi/dfi_code/k2_src.zip.
  All routines/graphics may be freely used in anything you please.

 4) Fixed version of Multi-ISP now available

  A bug fixed version of Multi-ISP, which allows switching of up to four
  ISPs using the ANT Internet Suite, is now available. To download v0.58b
  from http://www.richie.ukgateway.net/pages/misc.html.

 5) FreeMem 1.13 now available

  Version 1.13 of Liquid Silicon's popular FreeMem utility is now available
  from http://www.cybervillage.co.uk/acorn/liquid/download/. This version
  fixes problems some people have had with their desktop font being trashed.

 6) Attacher 1.03 released

  Attacher is the ultimate desktop uu/base64 coder and decoder for RISC OS.
  V1.03 is now online at http://www.bramber.demon.co.uk/john/soft.html.
  Changes from 1.02 are mostly bug fixes, details on the web site.

 7) aICQ 0.16 uploaded

  AcornICQ v0.16 is now available. It has a lot of bug  fixes and new
  options, but still no chat. Details of changes, and link to the archive,
  at http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Hills/5544/.

 8) Scientific calculator for the CLI

  A floating-point calculator suitable for use on the CLI or from the
  Desktop in a taskwindow, written in C, is now available from

  It pretty much duplicates (with some additions) the functionality of a
  graphics calculator's expression evaluation, ie: functions, operands,
  suffixes, big floating point numbers, nested brackets, absolute-value
  brackets, variables, constants, and other stuff. 

Club News
         *Brought to you with The Association of Acorn User Groups*

 The AAUG website provides details of all the user groups worldwide, and
 how you can benefit from becoming a member. For more information, visit:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) May/June meeting dates The following user group meetings are planned for May/June. Always check the AAUG web site http://www.argonet.co.uk/scs/AAUG/ to confirm details. May 1999 ======== 25th - Acorn Club NorthEast meeting 25th - Blackpool meeting 26th - Bristol Acorn User Group meeting June 1999 ========= 2nd - Wakefield meeting - Cerilica Vantage 3rd - SARC meeting - TBA 8th - Bottisham Acorn Usergroup meeting 8th - Liverpool Acorn Usergroup meeting 8th - Essex Acorn Usergroup meeting 10th - North Kent Computer Club meeting 11th - Welwyn Hatfield meeting 14th - DARC meeting - Weather Imaging 14th - Southampton meeting 14th - SASAUG meeting 25th - Blackpool meeting 29th - Acorn Club NorthEast meeting 30th - Bristol Acorn User Group meeting 2) AAUG launched new domain The Association of Acorn User Groups (AAUG) has announced AAUG.net, the new domain name for the Association and usergroups worldwide. AAUG.net will provide a simple way of contacting any of the worldwide Acorn usergroups, and the Association itself. A new AAUG website will be launched at http://www.aaug.net/. Also every Acorn usergroup will be able to be contacted through the domain in the form: mailto:clubname@aaug.net, web site: http://www.aaug.net/clubname/. [RFC1591] ANS Information --------------- 1) Contact ANS Editor - James Sears - james@ans.acornusers.org Webmaster - Stephen Courtney - stephen@ans.acornusers.org Founder - Eytan Abrahams - eytan@ans.acornusers.org Life-Webmaster - Richard Hesketh - richard@ans.acornusers.org ADL Moderator - Paul Johnson - paul@ans.acornusers.org Translator - Michael Gerbracht - michael@ans.acornusers.org 2) How to send in news To send in your news items simply e-mail ans@acornusers.org, or use the form on the ANS website http://www.acornusers.org/ans/newsdesk.html. Also if you have an Acorn related announcements mailing list, feel free to subscribe ans@acornusers.org. 3) How to subscribe to ANS If you are reading this on the ANS web site, or have received a forwarded copy of ANS and would like to subscribe to the mailing list, simply send any e-mail to ans-subscribe@ans.acornusers.org. Alternatively use the form on the ANS web site at http://www.acornusers.org/ans/subscribe.html. For details of other commands e-mail ans-help@ans.acornusers.org. 4) Fetching web pages via e-mail If you do not have web access you can fetch any URL referenced in ANS by using the KFS web by e-mail service. To use this free service send an e-mail to www@kfs.org with the subject header "send URL>". For example to fetch the web by e-mail service information page send an e-mail like this: From: youraddress@example.com To: www@kfs.org Subject: send http://www.kfs.org/web-by-mail.html
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