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 1) Editorial
 2) General News
 3) Commercial News
 4) PD/Shareware News
 5) Club News
 6) ANS information

  It seems the Acorn market is quite quiet at the moment, waiting for the
  imminent release of new hardware. However although the last two weeks have
  been uneventful in terms of RISC OS scene developments, much has been
  happening to ARM.

  Intel has announced a new 1000 MIPS networking chip based around a new
  StrongARM http://www.intel.com/pressroom/archive/releases/Fe90199a.htm;
  Nintendo will be using an ARM based processor in the successor to the
  very popular Game Boy http://www.nintendo.com/corp/press/090199b.html;
  Psion has announced the Series 7, a consumer version of the StrongARM
  powered netBook http://5alive.psionking.com/Archives99/Sep06_1367.htm
  (if a RISC OS laptop does not turn up, this EPOC on StrongARM system could
  be a very good alternative); and meanwhile ARM continues to be successful
  in new embedded markets, eg cars http://www.arm.com/Markets/Automotive/.

  Even thought Acorn is no longer involved in developing RISC OS, or as an
  owner of ARM, we are reliant on the architecture, and proud of the
  technology which originated at Acorn, so it is excellent to see ARM going
  from strength to strength.

  Also as some of you may have noticed, Stephen Courtney, ANS webmaster,
  has recently created a new web site for ANS. Please visit the new ANS site
  http://www.acornusers.org/ans/ and let us know what you think.

  James Sears, Editor

General News

 1) Mailing list for RISC OS Perl users

  The RISC OS Perl mailing list is moving to a new home, where it will
  operate continuously and will not be dependant on one persons access
  to the net.

  The mailing list address is RISCOS@perl.org (case does not matter).
  To subscribe to the list, simply e-mail riscos-subscribe@perl.org.

Commercial News

 1) TeleButler Home Information System

  TeleButler provides a unique Home Information System which makes your
  Acorn computer useful around the house. Rather than being limited to a
  single screen, it enables your computer to communicate throughout your
  house via your television sets.

  A special "information channel" is generated by the computer, and is
  available on channel 9 of all of your televisions to show you:
    * The caller's name and number when the telephone rings.
    * The number dialled on any telephone extension in your home.
    * The name of the person being called.
    * When the telephone is in use and when the call has finished.
    * A customised TV and Radio guide listing your favourite programmes.
    * Other useful information from your own software.

  It is based primarily on Octopus Systems' Caller Display and Teletext+
  which themselves offer lots of useful features. You can either buy the
  TeleButler system as a complete pack, or build it up piece by piece.

  The TeleButler system and its various components are available now from
  Octopus Systems:

    Teletext+ software with CC Teletext card            GBP125
    Caller Display Unit with Caller Display V2 software GBP104
    Modulator for connecting RGB output to TV aerial    GBP59
    Speak software (for announcing callers etc)         GBP21
    TeleButler Pack, comprising all of the above        GBP285

  These prices include UK delivery and VAT. More details are available from
  Octopus System's web site:
    http://www.octosys.co.uk/tb.html     TeleButler
    http://www.octosys.co.uk/cid.html    Caller Display
    http://www.octosys.co.uk/ttx.html    Teletext+

 2) iSV Products and RISC OS 4

  iSV Products have identified the cause of a problem which affected use of
  their on screen manuals under RISC OS 4.

  Users who have RISC OS 4, or who intend to upgrade in the future, should
  download a patch which fixes this bug. The patch is available from the
  support area of iSV Products' site http://members.aol.com/isvproduct/.

 3) Acorn User magazine subscriptions, Australasia

  RiscStation (Australasia) and Tau Press have announced a revamped
  subscription scheme for Acorn User magazine.

  There is a new blanket subscription price for Australasia, AUD145, giving
  you 13 issues for less than the UK overseas subscription price. Four and
  eight issue subscriptions are also available.

  By subscribing directly from RiscStation, not only do you save money, but
  your magazines will be delivered in a much shorter time than before.

  For more details see http://www.acornuser.com/ or

  Also ESD (Education Software & Distributors) are continuing their existing
  subscription scheme for Acorn User in New Zealand, available at NZD153
  including GST for 13 issues.

  Contact ESD for details http://www.esd.co.nz/.

 4) MicroDigital's Mico on-time

  Acorn Arcade has reported that despite delays to RISC OS 4 and the
  RiscStation, MicroDigital have told Acorn Arcade that the Mico will
  still start shipping this month, as planned.


PD/Shareware News

 1) New software on the CBSA web site

  * Internet
    ArcFixer - solves the problems of only getting gibberish on the screen
    when using a non-Acorn PC to download .arc and .spk files from the net.

  * Games
    Dilbert - creates your own company mission statements which make as much
    sense as people still using Hotmail and insisting it to be "safe".

  * Programming
    WimpBasic runtime modules 2.09 - slight fix to the previous version.
    Snoop - see what is going on inside your windows.

  * Art
    PlotSprite - Two source files showing how to plot a sprite.

  All available from http://www.acornusers.org/cbsa/.

 2) ConvertLFS, LongFS fix for RISC OS 4

  RISC OS 4 users, who previously used LongFS for long file names, may have
  discovered that their new F+ disc is full of lots of files with names such
  as '!ZZ!!Z!!LF' and 'qwerty}001'.

  Executor, a free package to rename files to their correct names, is
  available from Quantum Software at http://acorn.cybervillage.co.uk/qs/.

 3) Port of TAB, lute tablature printing

  Tommaso Leddi has ported TAB to RISC OS. TAB is a program to typeset lute
  tablature, which works like TeX in that a plain text file (that bears
  little resemblance to the desired output) is created and processed into a
  device independent printer format file.

  You can download RISC OS TAB from:

  More information on TAB is available from:

 4) Quick boot utility, Freeze

  Arm's Tech has announced the first public release of Freeze. Freeze can
  save the state of a machine and restore it back at any time. Using Freeze,
  a long boot sequence can take less than 5 seconds.

  Any user can save time and work more efficiently with several applications
  and documents, which can be saved for later use at any time.

  It supports any combination of many states, users and machines, and has
  been tested extensively from RO3.11 to RO3.71 with many hardware

  Freeze from Arm's Tech is Shareware, the registration fee is GBP10.
  The full version can be downloaded from:

 5) EuroDict - new version and dictionary files

  Philip Murray-Pearce has produced a number of enlarged and new dictionary
  files for EuroDict, a dictionary program allowing translation of words and
  phrases to and from English and languages using European scripts.

  There are also some minor improvements and bug corrections to EuroDict
  itself. EuroDict v1.30, together with two example dictionary files (for
  Danish and Finnish), is available for free download from:

  Details of how to obtain any of the other 18 dictionary files (Dutch,
  Frisian, German, Gothic, Norwegian, Old English, Swedish; Esperanto,
  French, Scottish Gaelic, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish; Modern
  Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Russian) are contained in EuroDict's Help

  Also available from the web site are the previously announced programs
  Onomata (vocabulary tester) and Jiten (Japanese dictionary).

 6) RasMol v1.30

  The RISC OS port of RasMol, a free molecular visualization program
  originally only available for MS Windows, Unix and Mac OS, has been
  updated and is now based on the latest RasMol 2.7.1 sources.

  Furthermore, a number of additional RISC OS features have been added,
  eg support for dynamic areas.

  You can download RasMol v1.30 and other software from

Club News

 1) September meeting dates from AAUG

  The following user group meetings are planned for September. Always check
  the AAUG web site http://www.aaug.net/ to confirm details.

  September 1999
   9th - North Kent Computer Club meeting
  10th - Welwyn Hatfield meeting
  11th - Arche ACORN User Club (Germany)
  13th - Southampton meeting
  13th - SASAUG meeting
  13th - DARC meeting - Levens Software: HTMLPro and Ovation Pro Applets
  14th - Bottisham Acorn Usergroup meeting
  14th - Liverpool Acorn Usergroup meeting
  14th - Essex Acorn Usergroup meeting
  24th - Blackpool meeting
  28th - Acorn Club NorthEast meeting
  29th - Bristol Acorn User Group meeting

  The AAUG website provides details of all the user groups worldwide, and
  how you can benefit from becoming a member. For more information, visit

 2) Arche Acorn User Club

  The Arche ACORN User Club is a German user group, which organizes a
  meeting in Essen every 2 months, where members and guests can discuss
  their experiences and problems with the Archimedes, Risc PC and other
  RISC OS computers.

  Every RISC OS user is invited to the next meeting on Saturday 11th
  September, 1 pm. The meeting is held at: Haus des Sports (Hauptbad),
  Steeler Strasse 38, Essen, Germany.

  More information (in German) is available at ArcSite
  http://www.arcsite.de/arche/, or send an email to arche@arcsite.de.

ANS Information

 1) Contact ANS

  Editor         - James Sears       - james@ans.acornusers.org
  Webmaster      - Stephen Courtney  - stephen@ans.acornusers.org
  Founder        - Eytan Abrahams    - eytan@ans.acornusers.org
  Life-Webmaster - Richard Hesketh   - richard@ans.acornusers.org
  ADL Moderator  - Paul Johnson      - paul@ans.acornusers.org
  Translator     - Michael Gerbracht - michael@ans.acornusers.org

 2) How to send in news

  To send in your news items simply e-mail ans@acornusers.org, or use the
  form on the ANS website http://www.acornusers.org/ans/newsdesk.html.
  Also if you have an Acorn related announcements mailing list, feel free
  to subscribe ans@acornusers.org.

 3) How to subscribe to ANS

  If you are reading this on the ANS web site, or have received a forwarded
  copy of ANS and would like to subscribe to the mailing list, simply send
  any e-mail to ans-subscribe@ans.acornusers.org. Alternatively use the form
  on the ANS web site at http://www.acornusers.org/ans/subscribe.html.

  For details of other commands e-mail ans-help@ans.acornusers.org.

 4) Fetching web pages via e-mail

  If you do not have web access you can fetch any URL referenced in ANS by
  using the KFS web by e-mail service. To use this free service send an
  e-mail to www@kfs.org with the subject header "send [URL]". For example to
  fetch the web by e-mail service information page send an e-mail like this:

    From: youraddress@example.com
    To: www@kfs.org
    Subject: send http://www.kfs.org/web-by-mail.html

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