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 | ISSUE 43                                               24 October 1999 |
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 1) Editorial
 2) General News
 3) Commercial News
 4) PD/Shareware News
 5) Club News
 6) ANS information

  News of work starting on a new browser for RISC OS is exciting, with
  Fresco and Browse aging we really need something which is up to date with
  W3C standards, while being fast and reliable.

  Full support for HTML 4.0 and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) would be very
  useful, and hopefully the goal of the RiscStation project. While other
  things such as JavaScript may be convenient to cope with poorly designed
  web sites and inconsiderate authors, their lack is neither as irritating
  nor shameful as not being able to keep up with core open HTML standards.

  Input to the RISC OS world from new companies such as RiscStation should
  be significant, especially with software projects like this accompanying
  new hardware. However meanwhile there are a noticeable number of companies
  quietly leaving the market or diversifying, which is at times worrying.

  James Sears, Editor

General News

 1) RISC OS '99 show

  The RISC OS '99 show will be taking place next weekend in Surrey, England.
  Opening hours:
    Saturday 30th October 10am to 5pm
    Sunday 31st October 10am to 4pm

  For more details visit the show web site at:

  Spacetech, joint sponsors of the RISC OS '99 Show will be demonstrating
  their range of studio quality graphics software for RISC OS, along with
  associated hardware. http://www.spacetech.co.uk/

  The other sponsors are Acorn User magazine, Castle Technology, and

 2) Font site update

  Harry Decker has updated his font site, doubling the size again to over
  2000 free RISC OS format fonts.


Commercial News
 1) Dates for Acorn Training Courses from Insight

  Insight Training offer a number of Acorn-related training courses ranging
  from software courses to Technical Support and Servicing. Forthcoming
  courses include:

    * Acorn Support and Servicing: a two-day course scheduled for
      8-9 November, 3-4 February.

    * DataPower: a one-day course at beginner/intermediate level for users
      on RISC OS or Microsoft Windows systems. Running on 19 November and
      9 February.

    * Microsoft Windows NT Server Administrator: a three-day course for
      managers of multi-platform networks with Omniclient stations.

  For a full list of courses and a course calendar, contact Insight:
  Insight Training, PO Box 864, Cambridge, CB5 9RX. Tel: 01223 812927
  e-mail insight@argonet.co.uk, http://www.argonet.co.uk/users/insight/.

 2) RISC OS 4 Authorised Installers

  RISCOS Ltd has published a list of Authorised Installers, grouped by
  territory, on the web http://www.riscos.com/authorised_installers/.

  The Authorised Installer scheme was set up to ensure that users can move
  to RISC OS 4, taking advantage of all the new features as smoothly as
  possible with the minimum of fuss.

  Most Authorised Installers will offer additional services such as supply
  of RO4, new hard discs, CD drives and memory, as well as further services
  such as data backup and storage.

 3) RiscStation Ltd working on new web browser

  RiscStation UK recently announced that programmers are now firmly
  committed to the development of a new web browser, which will be HTML 4
  compliant. The browser is expected to be ready for release at Wakefield
  next year.

  This is certainly good news, RISC OS needs capable browsers. Extras and
  closed formats are not important, but a browser which is reliable and
  supports the latest W3C HTML and CSS standards is vital.

 4) BBC Master 128 year 2000 problem

  BBC Master users may be worried that their machine will roll back to 1900
  at the end of this year.

  Doomsday is a ROM solution to fix the problem and extend the date range to
  1800-2199. It also adds a TIMEZONE configuration option as well as other
  handy commands.

  The latest version (1.22) is now available, any existing users with older
  versions should return their ROM with 2 stamps for return postage.

  Doomsday ROM costs GBP9, including postage and manual. For details see

 5) Oregan Software clearance sale

  Oregan Software is having a clearance sale, with reductions of over 60%
  available on most product lines. Also buy any three products, and get
  the cheapest absolutely free.

  To qualify for these prices all orders should be received by Oregan sales
  department before 15th November 1999, at the following address:
    Oregan Developments Ltd
    36 Grosvenor Avenue
    Sutton Coldfield
    B74 3PE
    Tel: +44 (0) 121 353 6044
    Fax: +44 (0) 121 353 6472
  Products include ProSound (GBP39.95), MidiWorks (GBP59.95), CineWorks
  (GBP49.95), and Oregan Disc Doctor (GBP19.95). Contact Oregan for other
  prices, and see http://www.oregan.com/index2.html for product details.

 6) Acorn User magazine cover discs

  To match reader's facilities, Acorn User are replacing the cover discs
  with a combination of cover CDs and Internet support.

  For every issue, what would have been the cover disc will be put onto the
  Acorn User web site for downloading.

  Every third issue AU will put a CD on the cover containing not only the
  last three 'cover discs' but additional content as well, probably taking
  a particular theme, such as graphics, programming, and DTP.


 7) A3 scanner

  Following extensive development, Castle are now selling the A3 size,
  'ScanExpress A3 SP' scanner. This scanner, the first of its kind on an
  Acorn machine, represents stunning value at only GBP199 + delivery VAT.

  The A3 SP is a SCSI scanner, meaning quick scan times even at high
  resolutions. It also boasts a wide range of other features including:
    * 600dpi x 300dpi optical resolution.
    * Full A3 scan area (297mm x 431mm)
    * 36 bit colour internally
    * Black and White, and Greyscale modes also supported.

  The scanner is supplied with the powerful ImageMaster software and the
  latest version of Castle's TWAIN 2 driver, allowing brightness, contrast
  and gamma controls, amongst many other features.

  The A3 SP Scanner will be demonstrated at the upcoming RISC OS '99 show,
  on the 30th and 31st October.


 8) Acorn "Kids Keyboard"

  Castle have released a lower case keyboard, 'Kids Keyboard', for all Acorn
  Risc PC and A7000+ computers. The keyboard will prove particularly useful
  in primary schools, and environments where young children are using
  computers. The new keyboard features:
    * Large, easily read, lower case character keys.
    * Rugged construction for a long life.
    * Soft, tactile feel.
    * Euro symbol.
    * Raised bar on the 'f', 'j' and '5' keys for row identification.
    * 100% Acorn compatible.
    * Fully labelled 'Return', 'Shift', 'Control', 'Delete' and 'Tab' keys
      for ease of identification.

  The 'Kids Keyboard' retails for GBP39 (GBP58.75 inc. VAT and delivery),
  and is also available as an optional extra on new computers. For more
  details see http://www.castle.org.uk/castle/211099.htm.

 9) S-Base 2.4i Released

  S-Base is a Visual Development Environment with its own screen designer,
  database engine and programming language. It also includes a compiler for
  making stand alone applications. If you are looking for a faster way to
  write software, this could be it.

  S-Base is being actively developed under the control of its new owner and
  the original developer.

  There is a mailing list for users which provides support and ideas. New
  releases are made every month or so.

  S-Base 2.4i has now been released. It includes new debugging facilities
  among other things.

  For more details see http://www.bluewaternz.com/s-base/.

 10) PICSuite now handles 8 pin PICs

  The latest version of the versatile PIC programming software for RISC OS
  is now available, and has been enhanced to handle the tiny 8 pin PICs
  which find uses inside appliances from games machines to satellites.

  PICSuite consists of the required programming hardware connecting to the
  parallel port, necessary software, and full printed manual.

  The assembler and some demo projects can be downloaded for free from
  http://www.sprow.co.uk/pics/. The complete package costs GBP99 - opening
  the doorway to the world of PICs.

 11) Free software from iSV Products

  To celebrate the opening of iSV Products' new web site at
  http://www.isvproducts.co.uk/, you can now download the following
  full applications for free:
    * DrawWorksSE
    * Font Designers Toolkit
    * XStitch 1

PD/Shareware News

 1) New software

  * BuildHTML
    A utility to build HTML pages from text files. Whilst it tries to work
    out what it should do from the layout of your text file, it also
    incorporates a simple, optional markup to give a greater measure of
    control where needed.

  * Commune
    A multi user system for RISC OS. Allows many people to use the same
    computer with different choices.

  * Executive
    An alarm, clock and screen saver system.

  * FontCat
    FontCat is a quick and easy way of visually displaying all the fonts
    installed in your system.

  * IndexHTML
    A utility to index web pages which produces a nicely formatted HTML
    index page. It works recursively down the directory structure, and is
    also able to penetrate archives if you have SparkFS running.

 2) Updated software summary

  * AntUtils v1.26
    Utilities for ANT Internet Suite users. Bug fixes.

  * Calc v2.03
    A CLI floating-point calculator, re-written using Flex and Bison, so the
    program is smaller and more efficient.

  * FileFlick v2.20
    FileFlick is a small utility that lets you navigate through your filing
    system using menus instead of filer windows. It also provides back-up
    and hot-key facilities. New version works with RISC OS 4 long filenames.

  * FTPc v1.19
    Freeware File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. New version includes
    improved gateway/proxy features, display problem fix, and is faster.

  * RiscFree v1.51
    RiscFree is a package that simply integrates and configures most
    Internet software simply and easily.

Club News

 1) October / November meeting dates from AAUG

  The following user group meetings are planned for October and November.
  Always check the AAUG web site http://www.aaug.net/ to confirm details.

  October 1999
  26th - Acorn Club NorthEast meeting
  26th - Blackpool meeting
  27th - Bristol Acorn User Group meeting

  November 1999
   3rd - SARC meeting
   3rd - Wakefield meeting - 200th meeting
  30th - Blackpool meeting

  The AAUG website provides details of all the user groups worldwide, and
  how you can benefit from becoming a member. For more information, visit

 2) BARUG: October Meeting

  Bristol Acorn RISC Users Group's next meeting in on 27 October 1999, and
  will feature the RISC OS 4 Roadshow, with Andrew Rawnsley, Technical
  Director, and supporting cast from RISCOS Ltd.

  Also John Stonier, organiser of the South West Show, will be present to
  outline plans for the show in February next year.

  BARUG meet regularly on the last Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm at the
  Burden Neurological Institute, Coldharbour Lane, just along the road from
  the University of the West of England. For map, see our website.

  Annual subscription is GBP7 but the first visit is free.

ANS Information

 1) Contact ANS

  Editor         - James Sears       - james@ans.acornusers.org
  Webmaster      - Stephen Courtney  - stephen@ans.acornusers.org
  Founder        - Eytan Abrahams    - eytan@ans.acornusers.org
  Life-Webmaster - Richard Hesketh   - richard@ans.acornusers.org
  ADL Moderator  - Paul Johnson      - paul@ans.acornusers.org
  Translator     - Michael Gerbracht - michael@ans.acornusers.org

 2) How to send in news

  To send in your news items simply e-mail ans@acornusers.org, or use the
  form on the ANS website http://www.acornusers.org/ans/newsdesk.html.
  Also if you have an Acorn related announcements mailing list, feel free
  to subscribe ans@acornusers.org.

 3) How to subscribe to ANS

  If you are reading this on the ANS web site, or have received a forwarded
  copy of ANS and would like to subscribe to the mailing list, simply send
  any e-mail to ans-subscribe@ans.acornusers.org. Alternatively use the form
  on the ANS web site at http://www.acornusers.org/ans/subscribe.html.

  For details of other commands e-mail ans-help@ans.acornusers.org.

 4) Fetching web pages via e-mail

  If you do not have web access you can fetch any URL referenced in ANS by
  using the KFS web by e-mail service. To use this free service send an
  e-mail to www@kfs.org with the subject header "send <URL>". For example to
  fetch the web by e-mail service information page send an e-mail like this:

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    To: www@kfs.org
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