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Acorn News Service

ISSUE 12512 January 2003
An independant fortnightly newsletter for the Acorn world.
Send your news items or comments to ans@acornusers.org
Featured site this issue: http://www.kingsdr.demon.co.uk/riscos/names.htm


  1. General News
  2. Commercial News
  3. PD/Shareware News
  4. Club News
  5. ANS Information

General News

  1. Coloured folder icons

    Customised icons for the desktop, choose the colour of your folders: http://www.ovul8.com/ro/icons.htm.

Commercial News

  1. TEK Pyro Update released

    After some months of hard work, Artex is proud to present the PYRO Update for the realtime strategy game TEK1608, which was described by Acorn Gaming as "one of the best games ever released for the platform".

    TEK1608 owners can download the update for free from: http://www.artexsoft.com/tek/

  2. Up to GBP275 off LCDs from CJE Micro's

    CJE Micro's are pleased to announce new, lower pricing on LCD monitors, with up to GBP275 off! All prices include VAT & UK courier delivery.

    • 15" GNR 1024x768 GBP 280
    • 15" Relisys 1024x768 GBP 290
    • 15" Iiyama 1024x768 GBP 295
    • 15" Iiyama 1024x768 GBP 400 Analogue & DVI-I Inputs
    • 17" Video7 1280x1024 GBP 455
    • 17" Iiyama 1280x1024 GBP 545 Analogue & DVI-I Inputs
    • 19" Iiyama 1600x1200 GBP 885 Analogue & DVI-D Inputs
    • 20.8" Iiyama 2048x1536 GBP3300


  3. New Year offers on IYONIX pc and selected peripherals

    Castle Technology launched the all-new 32-bit IYONIX pc in November 2002 with a special launch edition. Castle start 2003 with a new offer on the IYONIX pc.

    This features an IYONIX pc system with 40GB hard drive, 52x CD-ROM drive, and 128MB 64-bit 200MHz DDR RAM for GBP1249 inc VAT (delivery extra).

    The launch model of the IYONIX pc with 80GB hard drive, 128MB DDR RAM and 48x CD burner is still available for GBP1299 inc VAT (while stocks last).

    For the start of 2003, prices on Iiyama monitors are reduced by up to GBP206. Ultra slim 17" LCD monitors start from just GBP399 inc VAT. All New Year special IYONIX pcs ordered in January and February come with a free USB to parallel printer cable.

    Castle are now selling the new Canon BJS i550 colour bubblejet printer. This printer offers resolutions up to 4800x1200dpi (600dpi for RISC OS use) and is fitted with both USB and parallel ports. Suitable for both the IYONIX pc and other RISC OS computers (includes suitable software driver and data cables).

    More information at http://www.iyonix.com/orders/. The New Year offer price on the IYONIX pc expires on 28th Feb 2003.

PD/Shareware News

  1. New software summary

    • CCres, Toolbox Resource compiler/decompiler

      Convert Toolbox Res files (fae) to and from text format. It can be run from the command line, or as a WIMP application. Text file output uses a simple C-like format based on the equivalent OSLib header definitions.


    • PDumperEI, Open source EPSON Stylus Color 580 Printer Dumper

      Allows printing on EPSON Stylus Color 580 and probably also the EPSON Stylus Color 480, C-20 and C-40.


  2. Updated software summary

    • Analog v5.31

      Port of the web server log file analyser.


    • ArmSort v3.20

      Module which implements a *Sort command which provides BASIC programmers with very easy and fast facilities for sorting arrays. 32-bit version.


    • BackBoot v0.10

      BackBoot waits until the computer is idle and then starts booting applications to speed directory opening. Bug fixes and 32bit version.


    • BlockDrivers Rev 11

      32-bit variants of the well known serial BlockDrivers.


    • ConfiX v0.44

      A universal configuration utility that can be used by 3rd party applications to maintain their Choices files. New in this version are some bug fixes as well as a number of newly implemented object types, such as IP addresses. A full API is now available in PDF format.


    • DrW2HTML v3.70b

      Takes the textmanual of DrWimp and converts it to an HTML manual complete with internal links. Correctly converts < and > characters.


    • Enigma v1.30

      Realistic simulation of the war-time coding machine used by the Germans to encrypt their messages. New in this version: fully 32-bit compatible; support for serial port access; larger (configurable) message buffer; faster encryption of long messages; saving of user settings; ability to use multiple simulations simultaneously; improved sound handling on IYONIX; numerous bugfixes, etc.; updated manual.


    • FTPc v1.39

      Freeware internet File Transfer Protocol Client. Fixes a bug which could cause a crash when a drag started in an FTPc viewer was released in an FTPc viewer.


    • GhostScript, GView, XChars etc.

      PostScript tools. 32-bit compatible versions.


    • Powerbase v9.12

      Shareware database. New version also compatible with RISC OS 3.1.


    • RSS v1.14

      Parse RSS feeds from sites providing news and information in that manner. Such sites include Slashdot, Drobe, The Iconbar, and riscos.org as well as many other non-computer based sites. Display format is now a little more configurable; improved region checking when clicking on links; site images are now supported through ImageFileRender.


    • TimerMod v4.11

      Module providing microsecond resolution timing facilities. It provides *commands and SWIs which can be used measure time intervals, and a microsecond version of the monotonic timer. Fixes in this version to prevent the time difference between the local time and UTC being added to the value printed by *TimerStop, and to stop the seconds value getting out of step when the microsecond value was very small.


    • USBinfo v0.35

      Shows the topology of your USB system in a graphical manner and allows you to read system information from each device. This version is 32-bit compatible and can be used on the IYONIX pc.


    • VECstat v1.02

      Monitors calls to system vectors with reason code display, for the entire machine or selected tasks. This version contains a fix to preserve the flags returned by earlier vector claimants. This prevents problems with accented characters being entered while VECstat is active.


Club News

  1. Upcoming meetings

ANS Information

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