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Acorn News Service

ISSUE 12823 March 2003
An independant fortnightly newsletter for the Acorn world.
Send your news items or comments to ans@acornusers.org
Featured site this issue: http://www.zimmerle.de/


  1. General News
  2. Commercial News
  3. PD/Shareware News
  4. Club News
  5. ANS Information

General News

  1. RISC OS Expo 2003

    The Big Ben Club is again organising its yearly national show, called the RISC OS Expo 2003.

    The Big Ben Club is the nation wide Dutch Acorn User Group. The show is an excellent opportunity for you to meet the RISC OS/Acorn enthusiasts on the Continent and to promote your company and products.

    date: Saturday, June 21st, 2003

    from: 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

    venue: Expohall, Hotel Mercure Buizerdlaan 10, Nieuwegein (near the city of Utrecht) A first class location, with restaurant, parking garage (free) and rooms for the night.

    The Show offers exhibitions/promotions by various companies, including Dutch, German and British Acorn/RISC OS dealers, demonstrations by club members, etc. Visitors are members and non-members from Holland, Belgium and Germany, etc.

    In time there will be more info on the web site: http://www.bigbenclub.nl/

  2. Wakefield Show Prize Draws

    The organisers are pleased to announce an exciting Prize Draw for the visitors at Wakefield 2003. The top prize being a MicroDigital Omega computer, a CD read/writer and software, and a 5.1 speaker system for the Omega. The prizes are being donated by MicroDigital Limited.

    There will also be a series of Draws throughout the day with prizes being donated by other exhibitors. As well as these exciting prizes you can see all the new products and get to talk to the developers. The list of exhibitors is growing daily, so keep your eye on the show web site http://www.wakefieldshow.org.uk/ for the latest news and product announcements.

    You can also download the show poster to help spread news of the show far and wide, or add the show banner to your web site.

    Show date: Saturday, 10th May
    Opening Times: 10:00 to 16:30
    Entrance fee: GBP5 (sorry no credit/debit cards)
    Car parking: FREE

    The Wakefield 2003 - Acorn/RISCOS Show is organised and run by the members and volunteers of the Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club in their spare time. So please do support the work they do to support the market, without their support there would be no show.

Commercial News

  1. 32bit C/C++ still 50% off at CJE

    CJE Micro's still has a limited stock of 32bit C/C++ available at the 50% off introductory price of GBP99 (RRP GBP199). They also have a very limited quantity of the original printed Acorn C/C++ manuals, available with the 32Bit C/C++ for GBP130. Stocks are limited, so first come, first served.

    UK p&p on 32bit C/C++ GBP4, UK mainland p&p on 32bit C/C++ with printed manuals GBP8. Please enquire for overseas delivery costs.


  2. Special Offer IYONIX pc

    Until 30th April 2003, the IYONIX pc MAX, one of the new range of RISC OS computers from Castle, is available for GBP1399.

    This new IYONIX pc features a 600MHz XScale processor, a 100GB hard drive, 512MB DDR RAM, a super-fast CD burner, and bundled software.


PD/Shareware News

  1. Updated software summary

    • AMPlay v1.50

      Front-end for the AMPlayer module to play audio MPEG files. New in this version: up to 10 filter sets can be loaded at any one time; mini version of main window; customisable main window buttons to launch related applications (eg equaliser, visualisation etc); block menus for dealing with menus that could potentially contain many thousands of items (it displays them in blocks of configurable length); programmer's API to allow AMPlay to be controlled by other programs, or remotely.


    • DDF2Html v1.01

      Convert Impression DDF to HTML. Minor upgrades, bug fixes.


    • DirSync 1.05

      Compare two directories and synchronise. New features in this version: possibility to exclude directories from the comparison; shift-double clicking on a file Filer_Runs it; some bug fixing.


    • DIY v4.4

      Classic 3D action game. Portable Doom source code based on iD's LinuxDoom v1.10 sources, with v1.18 of the WAD tool armDeu. The most important changes are: 32bit compatibility; optional bilinear resampling now for sprites and masked segments as well; fixed some some remaining problems in the Linux engine (sound, superfluous sleep()); added fullscreen support to Linux engine.


    • GraphDraw v2.65

      GraphDraw allows the entry, and editing, of x,y values, and the data may then be fit to best straight line (lin or log), best parabola, cubic spline curve, polynomial of order up to six. The main point to note is that GraphDraw is 26/32 bit neutral, and runs on the Iyonix, Select, and any RISC OS >= 3.1.



    • IClear v1.32

      A module which makes it easier to delete text from a writable icon by double-clicking on the icon and typing new text. This may be found to be more intuitive than typing Ctrl-U. 26/32-bit compatible version.


    • Oww v0.68.8

      Run a Dallas / AAG 1-wire weather station from RISC OS, Linux or FreeBSD. New for this release: heat index, improved log timing.


    • Pairs v0.31

      A computer version of the traditional card-matching game. New to this version is the ability to attach sound samples to individual cards, so that they are played when the cards are turned over. Pairs is Freeware and is compatible with all versions of RISC OS from 3.1 onwards (including Select and the Iyonix).


    • RiscSearch v0.92

      Meta-search engine. RiscSearch is now able to automatically update out of date decoders and install new ones; from downloading the result pages to scanning them everything happens in memory; slightly rewritten all decoders; the 'default' and 'Save' buttons in the decoder configuration window now work properly; Iyonix compatible; some changes to the query window to accomplish style guide compliance.


    • Thumbcat v2.1

      Image catalogue application. It will handle a variety of formats without additional applications. Bug fixes.


    • Verma v0.21

      Displays detailed information about Modules that are located in memory or on disc. Bug fixes. (Midiphile, Mixer, Syncopath, Historian, and Swish are also now 32bit compatible.)


    • ZeriLink v2.43

      Parallel port file transfer utility (requiring a special cable to be built/bought, but otherwise free). Files can be transferred to/from Acorn machines (A5000 and later) and IBM compatible machines (with a bidirectional or ECP capable parallel port) at up to 800 KB/sec, Acorn <-> Acorn, Acorn <-> IBM, or IBM <-> IBM. The LinkR and LinkT commands on the Acorn side can now be aborted, if need be, by pressing Escape.


Club News

  1. Upcoming meetings

ANS Information

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