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Acorn News Service

ISSUE 13020 April 2003
An independant fortnightly newsletter for the Acorn world.
Send your news items or comments to ans@acornusers.org
Featured site this issue: http://www.wakefieldshow.org.uk/


  1. General News
  2. Commercial News
  3. PD/Shareware News
  4. Club News
  5. ANS Information

General News

  1. Wakefield Show Charity Stand

    The Wakefield show will once again have a large charity stand. The stand has raised over GBP10500 for charities over the years, all thanks to your generosity.

    If you wish to bring an item to the show on the day you may do so, otherwise please either send or take your donations to:
    Wakefield Hospice (Fund Raising) Ltd
    Hemingway House, Thornes Moor Business Park
    Thornes Moor Road, Wakefield, WF2 8PG

    They can accept deliveries direct by hand between 8:30am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Please ensure you mark the parcel "FOR THE ATTENTION OF TERRY RIGG - WAKEFIELD 2003 SHOW".


  2. Guide to TaborcaGS

    Mark Rowan has written a short tutorial for setting up TaborcaGS to enable printing to a PDF file. This allows any RISC OS user to generate files which can then be printed on almost any computer system (as long as it can read and print PDFs).

    This is especially useful bearing in mind RISC OS' current printing situation, where drivers for new printers are becoming scarce. Users can print to PDF and send these files to any Microsoft/Mac/Linux box for printing using the native drivers for these systems.


Commercial News

  1. ArtWorks 2 benchmarks

    ArtWorks 2, the new 32-bit compatible version of the platform's best selling advanced vector graphics application, is planned to be released at this year's Wakefield Show on May 10th. More details about MW Software and ArtWorks can be found at: http://www.mw-software.com/software/artworks/artworks2.html#bench

  2. ExpLAN: New models of LCD monitor

    ExpLAN Computers has announced a new range of LCD monitors with MDFs for use under RISC OS:

    • New 17-inch WV1770 (Samsung panel): GBP363.07 incl VAT
      Analogue VGA input, 1280x1024
    • New 17-inch mid-range Hitachi: GBP469 incl VAT
      VGA Analogue and DVI-D (digital) inputs
    • New 18-inch NEC 1860NX: GBP563
      Dual-input: Analogue & DVI-D
    • New 18-inch NEC 1880SX: GBP869
      Triple input, Analogue, DVI-D & DVI-I, which can be used for either digital or analogue video connections.

    These NEC monitors replace the Mitsubishi/NEC LCD1850E (now discontinued) which has been the favoured purchase for graphic artists using RISC OS for the last 18 months. Both models provide the same 6-axis colour matching system and have wide viewing angles.

    All monitors include full RISC OS MDF and instructions. Prices include VAT but exclude carriage. More information and pictures are available at: http://www.explan.co.uk/hardware/scrn.html

  3. Stuart Tyrrell Developments USB price reduction

    The Simtec USB card from Stuart Tyrrell Developments is now available at a lower price of GBP69.95 + Carriage + VAT = GBP89inc.

    In addition the price of the Simtec USB card + Epson 1660 Photo + FREE Drivers + FREE DP's Scanning software will reflect this change and will be reduced from a total of GBP278inc to GBP268inc.

    Simtec's USB podule enables the addition of USB peripherals to RISC OS machines, including the Risc PC, A7000, and A5000 series machines.


  4. CJE Micro's: A2 printer GBP130 OFF

    CJE Micro's is now able to offer the Canon BJC5500 A2 colour inkjet printer at the reduced price of GBP450 including VAT & UK delivery. If you want to print your family tree, a poster for the Car Boot Sale, large spreadsheets, or a plan of the kitchen this is the printer for you.

    The BJC5500 has print speeds of up to 7 pages/minute (mono) and has separate black and colour tanks. Manual feed and built-in tractor feed unit. Optional 100 sheet feeder bins provide complete paper handling flexibility. RISC OS driver supplied.

    Resolution: 360dpi
    Print speed: 6ppm mono, 0.6ppm colour
    Interface: Parallel port
    Dimensions (HxWxD): 196x600x364mm (with no trays fitted)
    Weight: 9.7kg

    Please note there is very limited stock, once exhausted the price will revert to GBP580. Free delivery is limited to UK mainland (ex Highlands). For other destinations please inquire.


PD/Shareware News

  1. New software summary

    • cloudsprinter, new game

      This game is quite addictive and involves guiding your 'blob' along a moving conveyer belt avoiding hazards and collecting red 'blobs'. It will only work on computers with MODE 28. 6 Difficulty levels and Level Designer.


    • MP3ToWave, convert audio MPEG files

      MP3ToWave is a little command line Perl script based on AmpApp with a FrontEnder II frontend, that converts a directory of MPEG audio files to Wave files.


  2. Updated software summary

    • DDF2Html v1.02

      Utility for converting Impression documents into HTML. Support added for defining a <HR> style, enabling you to prepare Impression documents including horizontal rules using Impression's own ruleoff facilities, and the new download archive includes a blank Impression file containing predefined 'HTML styles' which can be used as a template for preparing your own documents with an eye to HTML conversion.


    • DIY v4.4.2

      Port of the game Doom. Fixes screenshot bugs (without frame buffers, in 8bpp mode); bug when running in very large screen modes.


    • GedcomWeb v3.01

      Enables you to convert GEDCOM files into JavaScript family tree web pages. This fixes a bug in the Javascript code used in version 3.00.


    • MakeTable v0.26

      Utility to convert CSV or TSV files into HTML tables, with various user options to control the format of the generated table. It will also read HTML files and convert any tables found back into CSV or TSV. The latest version provides a command line interface in addition to the existing GUI, and corrects a minor bug (a typo in a glyph).


    • Verma v0.22

      Displays detailed information about Modules that are located in memory or on disc. This release extends the detail provided by the single module window - it now lists flags info and commands/keywords as well as SWIs. Also, this window's contents can now be saved.


    • WebGen2 v2.00

      Completely rewritten version of Webgen, a simple application that will take a directory of images, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, Sprite, or PNG, and turn them into a complete web site.


Club News

  1. Upcoming meetings

ANS Information

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