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Acorn News Service Newsletter

Issue: 133 (1 June 2003)

Featured site this issue: http://roprinters.sourceforge.net/

General News

RISC OS Printers+ source code available

The source code of the RISCOS Ltd. Printers+ front end is now available for download from SourceForge. The project may be viewed at: <http://roprinters.sourceforge.net/>

Printers+ provides a number of enhanced features over the standard RISC OS Printers application, including support for remote network printers and advanced printer configuration applications.

Also the Pop-up version of Printers developed by Castle Technology for use on Iyonix computers is now available for free download by existing RISC OS 3 and RISC OS 4 users from the RISCOS Ltd. web site: <http://acorn.riscos.com/acornftp.htm>

The Pop-up printer manager can replace existing versions of Printers, but does not have the additional capabilities of Printers+ to connect to a wide range of networked printers.

Commercial News

32bit Power-tec

32bit versions of Power-tec products will be released in the first 2 weeks of June 2003. These include: SCSI (and PowerROMs), PowerIDE (EADFS), and PowerATAPI.

PowerUSB - a USB Mass Storage solution for Castle USB cards and the Iyonix will be available shortly after this.

To use the 32bit features customers will need a Maintenance Contract with an expiry later than the end of May 2003.


RCI announce broadband/network price cuts

As a result of a healthy Wakefield show, RCI has been able to work with its suppliers to bring down prices on ADSL and cable broadband gear. The new "all inclusive" prices are as follows:

  • 4 port ADSL router - GBP119
    Includes ADSL modem functionality and has four high speed network ports for connecting your computers. The unit offers hardware firewall protection, and comes with RISC OS software, special manuals covering RISC OS and Microsoft installation, full technical support etc.
  • 4 port Cable router - GBP119
    Similar feature set to the ADSL unit above, but designed for use with cable modems (eg NTL and Telewest). Again, includes hardware firewall protection, software, manuals, support etc.
  • 4 port modem/cable router with printer port - GBP169
    Similar feature set to above, but with added serial port for modem or ISDN. The printer port allows printer sharing. Includes R-Comp's Network Printer Driver software.
  • ADSL-in-a-box kit - GBP230
    Including the router, cables, Risc PC Net100 network card, a high speed PC network card, cables, manuals covering both RISC OS and Microsoft, file sharing, internet sharing etc., technical support and so on.
  • Network-in-a-box kit - GBP260
    This kit uses the 4 port modem/cable router with printer port as its heart, so includes the printer port and extra software. Suitable for cable broadband or modem/ISDN.

Please note that all prices *include* VAT and UK postage/packing. RCI provide comprehensive documentation and support at no extra charge, as well as RISC OS software with all units, so that they can be used on both RISC OS and other systems.


Multi-platform Messenger Pro now available

Gemini, the multi-platform version of the popular Messenger Pro mail and news client, is not available. Gemini is currently available for Linux and Microsoft Windows, and offers all the benefits and features of the RISC OS version and more.

Details may be found at: <http://www.intellegit.com/software/gemini/>

Gemini is fully compatible with the Messenger Pro server edition allowing you to share access to your mail and news across a mixed RISC OS and PC network. Gemini is available on a 30-day free trial by visiting: <http://www.intellegit.com/trial.php> or may alternatively be purchased now (GBP30), online by credit/debit card: <http://www.intellegit.com/purchase.php>

PD/Shareware News

New software summary

  • AMPlayCMD, control AMPlay
    Allows you to use your favourite shortcut or launcher program to control AMPlay. AMPlay itself has keyboard shortcut support, but this only works when AMPlay has the input focus. Many launcher apps can assign actions to keyboard events even when they don't have input focus, and these can run AMPlayCMD commands. You could also use AMPlayCMD commands from task alarms (via Alarm or Organizer), and have AMPlay wake you up in the morning, or automatically stop when it gets late.
  • Calendar module, calculations on dates
    Module providing SWIs to do conversions of dates between different types of calendar (eg Gregorian and Julian), and perform calculations on dates (eg how many days are there between 1961-Apr-06 and 1988-Aug-22). It should be very useful for application programmers who want to handle dates that lie before the year 1900 or after the year 2248 (which is the limit to the values in the 5-byte RISC OS centisecond timer). This applies to historical databases, genealogy programs, etc.

Updated software summary

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