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Acorn News Service Newsletter

Issue: 134 (15 June 2003)

Featured site this issue: http://www.bigbenclub.nl/shows/2003/

General News

RISCOS Expo 2003

The Big Ben Club, the nationwide Dutch Acorn User Group, presents its yearly show: the RISCOS Expo 2003.

Show date: Saturday, 21st June 2003 Venue: Expohall, Hotel Mercure, Buizerdlaan 10, Nieuwegein (near the city of Utrecht) From: 10.00am to 5.00pm Admission: members free, non-members EUR7

There will be presentations by Castle Technology, MicroDigital, and RISCOS Ltd. Further details, including a list of exhibitors, are available from <http://www.bigbenclub.nl/shows/2003/>.

New mailing lists

Commercial News

Castle Technology news

  • IYONIX pc Software Database updated
    This database lists all of the software that is known to be 32-bit and IYONIX pc compatible and is updated directly by third party software developers.
  • New Canon BJ Printer Driver
    A new Printer Definition File for the USB Canon BJ i450 printer is now available.
  • USB Mass Storage Devices for the IYONIX pc
    Using the plug & play features and fast data transfer protocols of USB, Castle have added access to the following USB mass data storage devices: * USB hard drives in native RISC OS "FileCore" and PC "FAT xx" formats * USB flash devices (keyrings, memory cards, card readers etc) * USB digital cameras * USB removable cartridge drives (Zip etc) * USB digital audio ('MP3') players RISC OS users should ensure that any device conforms to one the following non-vendor specific USB mass storage classes: 08 06 00, 08 06 01, 08 06 80.

TransCalc desktop calculator now 32 bit compatible

TransCalc is a very powerful desktop calculator. Features include: * arithmetic operations with a numeric range up to 10^4800 * binary and logical operations with up to 64 bit * accuracy up to 18 digits * statistical operations: sum, average, deviation, max./min.-value * four number systems: decimal, hexadecimal, binary, sexagesimal * exchange data between programs via drag & drop or clipboard * formula mode for calculations with variables * now supports 32bit machines

TransCalc costs EUR29 (including VAT, plus P&P) and is available from Feldner & Braun Software GdbR <http://www.flying-snail.de/transcalc/>. A limited free demo is available for download.

Soft Rock Software's prices now include VAT

All of Soft Rock Software's prices now include an element of VAT. However, there will be no price increases as a direct result of this - the existing prices will be VAT inclusive, rather than have the VAT added.

PD/Shareware News

New software summary

  • RISC OS driver for HP Deskjet 6122
    The driver provides settings to allow either full colour or grey scale printing at both 300 and 600dpi. Specific settings are provided for a variety of media types and print qualities.
  • SpamStamp, bayesian spam filter
    Attempts to detect if a mail is spam or not using bayesian filtering techniques <http://www.paulgraham.com/spam.html>. This means that you do not need to set up all kinds of rules, the system figures it out by itself because every time it makes a mistake you tell it that it took a wrong decision.
  • TME NetManager, Acorn Access Tools
    Designed to facilitate the deployment of an Acorn Access peer-to-peer network. One machine is dedicated as a Master Sharer, holding resources for several clients. Clients can be RISC OS 3.1 or better, Master needs 3.6 or 3.7. Later versions might work, but are untested to any great extent.

Updated software summary

  • Account2 v1.25c
    A freeware home accounts application. It includes many features that are normally found only in commercial packages, including sub-account facilities, categories and sub-categories, unlimited number of transactions, report creation and budgeting, export and import to various CSV and QIF formats and much more.
  • AntiSpam v1.10
    Freeware anti-spam tool. Tenth update since its first release only a few weeks ago, in response to user feedback.
  • Director v0.36 beta
    Latest beta release of Director, the general purpose desktop utility.
  • Quaker v1.3
    This program accompanies the earthquake detector interface project. You can now record five minutes worth of output and save it to disc automatically. 20 minutes worth of sample output is included so you can see what it looks like without building the project.
  • ROX-Filer v2.0.0
    A small, fast, powerful filer for Unix, Linux and compatible systems. Its user interface is based on the RISC OS filer, and it supports similar concepts, such as application directories, drag-and-drop saving and popup menus. Major changes, including better font system.

Club News

Upcoming meetings

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