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Acorn News Service Newsletter

Issue: 141 (21 September 2003)

Featured site this issue: http://www.fillin.co.uk/seshow/

General News

Iyonix Linux network only install

Due to popular demand, it is now possible to install Linux for Iyonix entirely from the Internet, without purchase of CDs. Note that you will ideally need a broadband connection. For details visit: <http://www.chocky.org/linux/>

For more information on Linux on Iyonix and latest release notes, please visit . Iyonix Linux CDs can still be purchased from GBP28, and non-CD e-mail support for network installs can be purchased for GBP20 for one month. For more details, visit: <http://www.chocky.org/linux/cds.html>.

Commercial News

CocoGnut, Gnutella client, updated

A major upgrade to CocoGnut, the peer-to-peer filesharing client for RISC OS, is available. It is strongly advised that all present users upgrade to this version, as it adds many new features and fixes some serious bugs which can cause major instability to your system.

Everyone who has purchased a copy of CocoGnut should automatically receive it via e-mail. Features in version 1.10 include: * Full upload support * Saves current downloads and searches for the next session * Socket protection (will not close a socket unless it has been opened) * Bug fix allowing downloads from more sources * Less CPU intensive when not using upload functions

CocoGnut is commercial software. It costs GBP15 if paying by cheque or PO, or GBP16 for credit/debit cards (processed by PayPal). More information can be obtained from: <http://www.alpha-programming.co.uk/software/cocognut/>

Castle announce support for legacy expansion cards

Castle have announced a significant increase in the support for IYONIX pc I/O interfaces, particularly for scientific and industrial applications.

With the assistance of Castle, Intelligent Interfaces have used the latest Acorn C/C++ Development Suite to produce 26/32 bit neutral versions of the modules for their range of 'legacy' expansion cards (podules) including: IEEE488 (GPIB); 16 Bit Parallel I/O; Dual High Speed Serial; Single Width I/O; User Port; and 12 Bit Analogue to Digital Converter.

The 26/32bit neutral modules are loaded from disc. There is no requirement to upgrade the expansion card ROM. They have the same specifications as the previous 26 bit versions and, therefore, can be used as direct replacements.

For more information on the 26/32 bit neutral modules visit: <http://www.intint.demon.co.uk/riscos/modules/index.html>

New generic Risc PC PCI interface

PCIFace is a new generic podule-bus-to-PCI interface for the Risc PC and A7000, that eliminates the need for budding PCI driver writers to develop any hardware.

PCIFace costs EUR99 for a basic non-DMA interface, or EUR149 for an interface which supports DMA. Additional support is available for EUR99pa. (Prices include 19% VAT.) For more details see <http://www.windfall.nl/>.

RISCOS Ltd closed for two weeks holiday

After the successful launch of Select3 and the new Toolbox modules RISCOS Ltd are taking a two week break.

RISCOS Ltd will be closed for all sales orders from Saturday 20th September until Tuesday 7th October.


RISC World subscription offer

RISC World magazine is currently in its fourth successful year, and as the RISC OS market continues to evolve the magazine content evolves with it. A sample issue is available online <http://www.riscworld.co.uk/>, providing examples from the first three years of the magazine together with subscription details.

As a special offer for new (or returning) subscribers, you can claim with your subscription a free copy of the DTP Principles guide. This 20-page product provides essential hints and tips for both newcomers and experienced practitioners of desktop publishing. If you would like to claim the software CD-ROM that accompanies the guide (either a 75000 WMF clipart collection; a 5000 photo collection or Ovation 1.50-SE), simply add GBP4.99 to your subscription cost when ordering.

A year's RISC World subscription costs GBP19.90 within the UK, or GBP21.90 overseas. A number of additional offers are available on the RISC World web site <http://www.riscworld.co.uk/>.

AudioWorks now owned by ProAction

APDL/ProAction software have bought AudioWorks from Computer Concepts Ltd. AudioWorks provides a complete suite of sound editing functions in one easy to use, low cost, application.

AudioWorks is supplied with the AudioCtrl utility, which allows you to attach your own sound sample to many different desktop events, such as opening or closing a window or saving a file.

Supplied on CD-ROM together with a 50-page manual, AudioWorks is now GBP14.90. To order, call 020 8778 2659; e-mail <info@apdl.co.uk> or write to APDL, 39 Knighton Park Road, Sydenham, London SE26 5RN. Please note that AudioWorks is not IYONIX compatible.

Ovation 1 update now available

Ovation 1.50 SE consists of a re-organised CD-ROM, featuring both 26-bit and 32-bit versions of Ovation. All of the existing tutorials, fonts and clipart items are still present on the CD-ROM and are just as relevant today as they were twelve years ago.

This new release of Ovation is priced at GBP9.90 plus GBP2 p&p; existing users can upgrade their CD-ROM by returning it to APDL together with a cheque/postal order for GBP5. You can also obtain Ovation 1.50 SE with DTP Principles (but without the printed manual) for GBP4.99 plus GBP1 p&p.

To order contact APDL on 020 8778 2659, e-mail <info@apdl.co.uk> or write to APDL, 39 Knighton Park Road, Sydenham, London SE26 5RN.

PD/Shareware News

New software summary

  • Him & Her Planner 2004
    Him and Her Planner 2004 in Draw format, A4 size.
  • TaskCheck, BASIC utility for Obey files
    A tiny BASIC utility (189 bytes) which can be called from a Run file to check if a specified task is running or not, and which takes the task name as a single parameter. If the task is present, the program quits with an error report. If the task is not running, it returns without doing anything, and the Run file can continue. The purpose of the utility is to provide a simple way of avoiding multiple copies of applications being loaded where this is undesirable.

Updated software summary

  • AntiSpam v1.17
    Anti-spam tool which can delete spam before it is downloaded, using a set of simple rules. Bug fix release, StrongHelp also updated.
  • natter v1.20
    Multi-protocol instant messenger. This new release fully supports both MSN and ICQ chat protocols, has sound effect support, comprehensive contact list management (including handling of groups), logging of all chat sessions, and an automatic upgrade download function, among many other new features. natter is shareware, costing GBP10.
  • NetChess v1.05
    Shareware Internet Chess client allowing you to connect to Internet chess servers - like freechess.org - and play, chat and watch chess games and other chess variants supported by the server. It is now 32bit compatible, menu entries can now have submenus, 'tell' will now take a list of comma separated names, and you can drag text into the input field.
  • ODBC tools v0.52
    Port of the iODBC driver manager and ODBC drivers to RISC OS. ODBC is a standard API (Application Programming Interface) for database access. It stands for Open DataBase Connectivity. An ODBC compliant application can connect to different database engines using the same API and thus be portable across different databases. ODBC uses SQL (Structured Query Language) to allow an application to talk to a database. Drivers are provided for PostgreSQL and SQLite. This is the second release of the ODBC tools and includes the following improvements: 32bit compatibility; redesigned architecture which is much more stable; new versions of the PostgreSQL driver; port of SQLite and driver.

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