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Acorn News Service Newsletter

Issue: 146 (30 November 2003)

Featured site this issue: http://netsurf.sourceforge.net/

General News

ANS now available in French

David Feugey will be providing a French translation of the ANS newsletter; the first issue - ANS145 - is available as a PDF from his web site now <http://www.eqfrance.com/fr/smartdesktop.html< and will also be available from the ANS web site <http://www.acornusers.org/ans/>.

The French edition will also soon be available by e-mail, to subscribe to the mailing list e-mail <mailto:ansfr-subscribe@ans.acornusers.org>.

There is also a German edition of ANS, although translations are not available at the moment it will be returning next Autumn and you can subscribe now by e-mailing <mailto:ansde-subscribe@ans.acornusers.org>.

The original English edition will continue to be published every two weeks as usual, to subscribe e-mail <mailto:ans-subscribe@ans.acornusers.org> or to unsubscribe e-mail <mailto:ans-unsubscribe@ans.acornusers.org>.

Also please remember to whitelist the ANS newsletter's e-mail addresses if you use mail filtering software or a challenge-response system.

Commercial News

Castle celebrates the IYONIX pc's 1st birthday

Castle are celebrating the IYONIX pc's first birthday on the 28th November with a special offer: the first 10 orders for 512MB IYONIX pcs placed after 9.00am on Monday 1st December 2003 will each receive a complimentary bottle of Champagne and a box of chocolates. This will be in addition to the current offer of a free 19" monitor and USB memory card reader.

The IYONIX pc is available for immediate delivery with prices starting at GBP1249 including VAT. Delivery is GBP20 per computer. <http://www.iyonix.com/> <http://www.castle-technology.co.uk/>

Also Richard Hallas has designed special "Birthday" backdrops which you can download from <http://www.drobe.co.uk/wallpaper/>.

Talking Clocks plus Triple 'R' Collection

Talking Clocks provides an exciting way of learning how to understand clocks. Offering a fun graphical layout, exciting sounds and based entirely within the RISC OS desktop, Talking Clocks provides a superb introduction to telling the time and can prove quite addictive. A number of printed support materials are supplied.

The Triple 'R' Collection includes four fun and easy-to-use educational titles covering numeracy and literacy. Aimed at children of between three and fifteen this package is supplied on a single CD-ROM together with a small printed manual. A small number of keyboard overlays available at extra cost.

The previous RRP of Talking Clocks was GBP34.95; with the Triple 'R' Collection almost GBP80; until the end of December this year you can get both for GBP20 plus GBP2 postage and handling within the UK. If you are ordering from overseas please e-mail first to confirm postage.

To order call APDL on 020 8778 2659, e-mail <info@apdl.co.uk> or write to APDL, 39 Knighton Park Road, Sydenham, London SE26 5RN.

PaintPal Deluxe available again and 32bit upgrade

Following a deal between The Fourth Dimension and Paradise Software, The Fourth Dimension have taken over distribution of PaintPals.

The PaintPal Deluxe is a pressure sensitive graphics tablet using a cordless, battery-free stylus. The tablet offers 512 levels of pressure sensitivity on a 5"x4" active area, it is ideal for photo editing in Photodesk or graphics work in Artworks or Cerilica Vantage. The PaintPal Deluxe is available from The Fourth Dimension for GBP69 including RISC OS software and UK delivery (overseas delivery extra).

Only limited stocks of the serial port PaintPal are available and it is unlikely more will be available. The Fourth Dimension are working on a suitable driver for a USB graphics tablet, and in view of that serial port PaintPals will be reserved for pre Iyonix RISC OS users.

Existing PaintPal users wishing to use it on an Iyonix should contact The Fourth Dimension to obtain a 32bit upgrade. Please note that the PaintPal derives its power from a pass-through PS2 keyboard lead. The Fourth Dimension can supply a suitable power supply to remove the reliance on having a computer with PS2 keyboard powered up.


PD/Shareware News

Patch for RISC OS 4.02 to correctly use new ToolBox modules

RISCOS Ltd. has released a patch to allow the correct use of the new ToolBox modules with RISC OS 4.02. It is available for download from the RISC OS Select Private web site for subscribers and from the updates web site <http://support.riscos.com/Support/Updates/> for other users.

German Territory for RISC OS 5.03

A German territory for RISC OS 5.03 can be downloaded from the download section of <http://www.riscos.de/>.


New software summary

  • Money2, home accounts package
    Complete rewrite of the program Money that has been available for several years. Money2 keeps a record of up to ten individual accounts which may include normal bank accounts, credit card accounts, and savings accounts. It provides a facility to budget under as many as twenty different headings, and keeps track of bankers orders at monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual intervals.
  • TapirMail, e-mail client
    A new shareware POP3 email client for RISC OS. TapirMail works entirely in memory and does not permanently download emails. This makes it ideal for people who want to read their emails on more than one machine, or who check their mail on the move. It can also be very handy for removing spam and viruses when using a slow connection. Features include: - Built in POP3 and SMTP support for receiving and sending e-mails - Saves no files to disc, ensuring safe use on any machine - Multiple e-mail account settings - Allows the encryption of account details using Blowfish - Indent colouring to improve email readability - Downloads only those emails requested; ideal for slower connections - Small program size can easily be fitted on a floppy disc - Ideal for use with a USB pen drive Registration costs just GBP5 (or GBP6 online).

Updated software summary

  • DDF2Html v1.52
    Convert Impression files to HTML. Style menus on the latest version now work properly with the DDF output by Impression Publisher Plus.
  • Every v1.1.3
    A file find/search utility with a unique and powerful search syntax. 32bit compatible.
  • Makatic 3.1.0
    A set of command-line tools which can automate much of the management of C, C++, and Assembler projects. 32bit compatible.
  • ODBC libraries
    ODBC is an industry standard API for connecting to local and remote databases. Changes for this set of releases include: - New version of SQL query application with fixes - New version of ODBC driver manager: fixes and better multitasking - New version of PostgreSQL driver (7.3.2) - Port of FreeTDS ODBC driver to give SQL Server and Sybase access - Port of MyODBC driver for MySQL
  • Routines v1.04
    A dynamically linking library of many useful BASIC routines. New in this version: some improvements to the Wimp libraries; a handy statistic added to the structs.ash library; minor corrections to a couple of incore filenames.
  • ShowRes v2.2
    Displays the contents of a Resource file as descriptive text. 32bit compatible.
  • VCache v1.03
    A module to provide quick and easy access to large (up to 4GB each) files and 'virtual' memory blocks. New in this version: added halfword load and store routines; improved StrongHelp manual; updated support library.
  • VZap v1.38
    Fast and efficient shareware anti-virus system, which is capable of deleting all known RISC OS viruses and monitoring !Boot/!Run files to help to detect previously unknown viruses. This version is fully 32bit and Iyonix compatible.

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