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Acorn News Service Newsletter

Issue: 148 (28 December 2003)

Featured site this issue: http://www.vigay.com/riscos/

General News

Wakefield Show 2004

The committee of the Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club are pleased to be able to announce that there will be another Wakefield Show and plans are well underway for the event.

The 9th Wakefield Show is going to be a 2 day event, rather then the one day in 2003, as a result of feedback from both exhibitors and visitors. The venue will once again be the Thornes Park Athletics Stadium, and the show will take place over the weekend of 15 and 16 May 2004, open to the public from 10am to 6pm on Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sunday.

Advance tickets (GBP6) will be available from March 2004. A free minibus service will operate from Wakefield Westgate station to the show and is sponsored by APDL and Virtual Acorn. The show this year is currently being sponsored by APDL, FinnyBank Ltd (Qercus), Spellings Computer Services, Stuart Tyrrell Developments, and Virtual Acorn.

To keep up to date on what happening and who is attending the show check out the show web site <http://www.wakefieldshow.org.uk/>.

The show is once again being coordinated by Chris Hughes, who has organised all the previous Wakefield shows, in the past supported by the late Mike Wilson, and now by Steve Potts, Phillip Marsden, and of course the WROCC members. The show is organised on behalf of the Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club <http://www.wrocc.org.uk/>, one of the longest running Acorn RISC OS computer clubs in the UK.

riscos.org.uk subdomains

The riscos.org.uk subdomain service allows webmasters whose sites carry RISC OS software or information to apply for a subdomain, in the form of softwarename.riscos.org.uk, which is redirected to their web site.

Despite there still being no central site for the service, the riscos.org.uk subdomain is still working and available for all to use. A site should appear at <http://www.riscos.org.uk/> soon. Meanwhile, if you want to apply for a subdomain or make changes to an existing subdomain, please e-mail <mailto:arenaman@riscosnews.com>.

Commercial News

ArtWorks 2 Christmas offer from MW Software

To celebrate the Festive Season (and the release of ArtWorks 2.1 at the Guildford Show in October) the following Christmas offers are available when ordering the full version of ArtWorks 2 or upgrades from plain ArtWorks 1, between Dec 15th 2003 and Jan 15th 2004:

  • either: get GBP10 (EUR15) off the regular price AND get a free 64 page colour printed manual
  • or: get a GBP25 (EUR35) reduction off the regular price

This offer is valid for orders with cash/cheque/bank transfer payment only (Sterling cheques and Euro bank transfers). Online credit card orders during the offer period are at the regular prices but include the free 64 page colour printed manual. The manual is delivered world wide without any extra postage required.

Regular prices:

  • ArtWorks 2 Full Version GBP169 (EUR235)
  • Upgrade from plain ArtWorks 1.7 GBP125 (EUR175)
  • Upgrade from ArtWorks pre-1.7 GBP140 (EUR195)

Prices include 16% German VAT. Please add GBP4 for postage and packing. Make cheques payable to Martin Wuerthner. Please send your order with payment to: MW Software, Martin Wuerthner, Mannheimer Str. 18, 67655 Kaiserslautern, Germany. <http://www.mw-software.com/>

When upgrading from ArtWorks 1 please include your ArtWorks serial number (as stamped into the printed User Manual and displayed in the program Info window).

Two free issues of Archive

Archive magazine, in its 17th year with the same editor, is still going strong. If you have resisted for 16 years, why not try Archive's "two free issues" offer? <http://www.archivemag.co.uk/offer.html>

The 196th issue with 80 pages (+covers) and 36,000 words of non-advertising copy, has been sent to subscribers. Annual subscription (12 issues) is GBP35 (UK), GBP41 (Europe), GBP48 (outside Europe).

Iyonix Linux accelerated video driver

An accelerated driver for Linux on Iyonix is now available. This driver makes use of the features in the Iyonix's NVidia video card to provide a much more usable X Windows desktop with correct colours (contrary to the previous framebuffer driver).

Iyonix Linux is available on CD for GBP28 for a single install CD containing most of the important packages, or a full 6 CD set for GBP35 containing all current Debian ARM packages. Both options include one month e-mail support.

Iyonix Linux can also be fully downloaded from the Internet, with the option to purchase separate support.

Please visit <http://www.iyonix.com/linux.html> for more information on Iyonix Linux, and <http://www.chocky.org/linux/> for Iyonix Linux updates including the accelerated driver.

The work on the accelerated driver was made possible by sponsorship from Xios <http://www.xios.biz/>.

Viewfinder upgrades

CJE Micro's are pleased to announce that the new 128MB Radeon-based Viewfinder upgrade, after some delay, is now 'in stock'.

The new Viewfinder can display up to approx 4096x1536 pixel modes across two monitors (in dual-head operation), or up to 2048x1536 pixel modes on both monitors (ideal for presentations, notice boards, etc.). The Radeon card also supports TV-Out allowing you to display your desktop on your TV as well as on your monitor. Thanks to hardware acceleration, the new hi-res desktop feels even smoother with most major graphics operations speeding up by up to a factor to 20!

Upgrade your existing Viewfinder graphics card for GBP156. Includes full fitting instructions, upgrade disc, and SVGA-TV lead for TV-Out option.


200+ Title RISC OS software Sale at CJE/4D

CJE Micro's are pleased to announce their Software Sale of over 200 carefully selected titles with up to 90% savings on the original RRP. For example:

  • OvationPro, RRP was GBP149, now GBP120
  • Typography Fonts CD, was GBP32, now GBP10
  • DrawWorks New Millennium, was GBP60, now GBP20
  • WimpBasic II, was GBP100, now GBP40
  • Serenade MIDI sequencer, was GBP100, now GBP40
  • Chuck Rock, was GBP12, now GBP10
  • King Arthur, was GBP58, now GBP10
  • Small was GBP25, now GBP10
  • Oxford Reading Tree Stage 2 CD, was GBP76, now GBP35
  • TinyArt, was GBP40, now GBP5
  • Textures, was GBP12, now GBP3
  • Typography CD, was GBP44, now GBP10
  • Rhapsody 3, was GBP75, now GBP25
  • PsiRisc, RRP GBP69, now GBP20

For a complete list of over 200 titles, please see <http://www.cjemicros.co.uk/swoffers/>.

Orders under GBP20 are subject to a GBP3 administration charge. These items are only available for a limited period and while stocks last.

PD/Shareware News

New software summary

  • Feud, retro game
    Summary of the game, as written by Justin Fletcher, aged 10, "Feud is a game in which you must fight against your enemy Leoric. But since he is adept in magic, as are you, it will be no easy Job." Justin Fletcher, aged 27, will take comments and critique of the game, but it is primarily released for a laugh. More information available in the Help file and source code.
  • RiscPkg, package manager
    A package manager for RISC OS. Its three main functions are: to download and install new software packages on request; to update installed packages when new versions are released; and to remove packages when they are no longer needed. RiscPkg is currently at an early stage of development.
  • RISC OS 5 'Misc Setup' Configuration Plugin
    A plugin for the universal Boot configuration system which allows you to configure the default Nextslot size, the LMTransport protocol, and the option of whether or not to replace the Iyonix taskswitcher with a nice 'Acorn' one.

Updated software summary

  • AntUtils v1.56
    Add on for the ANT Internet Suite, which provides utilities including browser faking, automatic timed mail/news fetches, and the facility to switch between multiple ISPs using a single copy of the ANT Suite. This version incorporates better error checking for hard drive name changes. The main new feature is the inclusion of the new 'Filter' plugin, which provides a number of useful features for filtering outgoing e-mails.
  • CVS v1.11
    Port of v1.11.10 of the version control system.
  • Foods v1.07
    An educational application for calculating the nutritional composition of various meals. It incorporates a database of over 400 different ingredients, allowing users to create their own meals and compare with the recommended daily amounts for a healthy diet. Now 32 bit compatible.
  • NetCalc v0.54e
    An IP address calculator which will allow the user to calculate the netmask and show the appropriate IP addresses for any chosen IP address. Bug fixes.
  • NewsRoom v0.02
    An educational simulation of a busy newsroom. By creating databases of news stories, NewsRoom will display a trickle of information as news arrives in the newsroom of a local newspaper. Now 32 bit compatible.
  • PV_Life v1.02
    PV_Life was written back in 1990 and was one of the very first demos to put an animated icon on the iconbar. Not only is the iconbar animated, the icon is a complete simulation of Conway's famous game of life. Now 32 bit compatible.
  • TapirMail v0.93
    A remote POP3 email client that keeps all e-mail in memory, rather than deleting it from the server. This makes it ideal if you want to check your e-mail from more than one computer, or while on the move. Now Iyonix compatible.
  • Webgen2 v2.12
    Create a web site from a directory of images. Many small bug fixes and minor enhancements.
  • WordSearch v1.03
    Create word puzzles by hiding a list of words inside a grid so that object words can be found horizontally, vertically or diagonally inside a grid of random letters. Now open source and 32 bit compatible.

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