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Acorn News Service Newsletter

Issue: 178 (27 February 2005)

Featured site this issue: http://acorn.cybervillage.co.uk/

General News

The Acorn Cybervillage

The Acorn Cybervillage <http://acorn.cybervillage.co.uk/> is under new management. Announcing the news, new webmaster David Bradforth wrote:

"Stuart Halliday, who launched the site with Alan Wrigley in 1995, is stepping back to focus more on his other pastimes, and I am taking the helm with the intention of making The Acorn Cybervillage the starting point for RISC OS news and views. You'll find occasional reference there to other projects with which I have an involvement, but this will always be explicitly stated in the text of the article in question. This way I can be sure you know what you're getting from the word go.

"If anybody has any ideas for ways in which The Acorn Cybervillage can be improved, do please let me know."


Commercial News

Foundation RISC User DVD Edition

RISCOS Ltd is excited to announce the immediate availability of the first native DVD-ROM for the RISC OS platform: Foundation RISC User DVD Edition.

Launched to coincide with issue 16 of the regular CD edition of Foundation RISC User, the new DVD-ROM contains absolutely everything that Foundation RISC User has ever published, right back to issue 1 - five full years' worth of magazines in total.

The combined edition is more than just sixteen separate magazines on one disc; it is a carefully integrated and indexed compilation of all the material in a single highly organised entity with multiple ways of accessing the articles. There is a vast amount of material on the DVD: in storage terms, there is well over a Gigabyte of data (and all of the software is stored in compressed archives); in article terms, there are several hundred lengthy feature articles comprising well over a million words.

For the first time, as a special spin-off product from the regular magazine, the Foundation RISC User DVD is being made available to everyone, not just to members of the Foundation. The prices have been set as follows:

  • Foundation members: from GBP8.05
    The price decreases depending on the length of your membership:
    1 year: GBP36.25, 2yrs: GBP29.20, 3: GBP22.15, 4: GBP15.10, 5: GBP8.05
  • Select members: GBP25.00
  • Non-members of Foundation/Select: GBP43.30

Also available are several hardware and software bundles which include the Foundation RISC User DVD:

  • DVD + 1 year new Foundation membership: GBP 70.50 [save GBP12]
  • DVD + 1 year new Select subscription: GBP175.00 [save GBP25]
  • DVD + Adjust ROM set: GBP131.00 [save GBP27]
  • DVD + 16x DVD-ROM drive: GBP 73.00
  • DVD + 16x DVD-ROM drive + Adjust ROM: GBP200.00

All of the above-quoted prices are fully inclusive of VAT and postage to addresses in the UK. Please see <http://www.riscos.com/> for details of postage to other locations.

You will need one of the following systems in order to make direct use of the Foundation RISC User DVD:

  • A Risc PC with a DVD drive, running RISC OS Select or Adjust
  • Virtual Risc PC running on a PC with a DVD drive, running RISC OS Select or Adjust.

Other RISC OS computers fitted with DVD drives (and running a suitable version of RISC OS) may be able to use this DVD, but the above two systems have been tested successfully by RISCOS Ltd. At present RISC OS 4.0x and RISC OS 5.0x do not support DVDs.


UniPod and RISC OS Adjust brought together

Stuart Tyrrell Developments and RISC OS Ltd are pleased to announce a special Valentine's offer. The package, available until 15th March, includes:

  • Fully loaded Unipod (32-bit USB, Network and IDE expansion)
  • RISC OS Adjust 4.39 ROMs
  • RISC OS Adjust install CD
  • 80GB Hard drive, with pre-installed RISC OS Adjust boot sequence etc
  • Full installation instructions
  • GBP50 Voucher off RISC OS Select Subscription

The package is available from Stuart Tyrrell Developments for GBP290 inc VAT and carriage, and is available only between the 14th February and 15th March 2005 inclusive.

For full details see <http://www.stdevel.co.uk/valentine.html>

Basic V: A Dabhand Guide available to order

Basic V: A Dabhand Guide is ready to order now, at an initial price of GBP8.99 plus GBP2.50 postage within the UK.

First released by Dabs Press in 1989, Basic V: A Dabhand Guide is a complete introduction to BASIC programming. Providing a practical guide to programming, it describes the commands offered by BASIC V and provides many examples of how to use them.

To order, e-mail <david.bradforth@alligatagroup.co.uk> stating how many copies you require. For each additional copy, add GBP1 carriage. You will receive an invoice which can be settled by cheque/postal order or via Paypal.

Alternatively, a PDF version of the above book is available for GBP5 (no postage), payment via PayPal only.

RiscCAD Professional web site

RiscCAD Professional now has a web site at: <http://www.risccad.freeuk.com/>

The will be regularly updated with hints, tips and other features. The site also contains details of where to buy RiscCAD and current prices.

RiscCAD Professional is a powerful 2D CAD system which has been developed by a professional engineer and includes features only normally found in much more expensive systems.

  • Single User GBP 15
  • Up to 5 users GBP 60
  • Up to 20 users GBP150
  • Manuals in Impression format GBP5

An additional RiscCAD resource is now available containing over 150 new pattern fills (over 235 in total). The new fills range from GIS fills such as pebbles, concrete, sand etc, to architectural fills like wood grain, roof tiles and flooring. This is only available to Release 8e users, as it also contains an upgrade to the RiscCAD fill tool that adds new features, improves reliability with awkward shapes, and is much faster.

  • RiscCAD fill pack 1 GBP 5
  • 12 month email support GBP10


PD/Shareware News

Updated software summary

  • LaBella v4.10
    Label printing application, aimed primarily at printing labels on proprietary self-adhesive sheets. New in this version: ability to edit individual records of a loaded CSV file; additional label shape (square cornered for e.g. business cards); improved saving and deletion options for label definition files; and several other minor improvements. The Manual has been extensively amended.
  • SwiftJPEG v1.10
    JPEG viewer for RISC OS 3.10 and later. Aside from robust RISC OS 3.1 support, this includes bank switched plotting in full screen mode for near-instant changes from image to image, and a variety of new zoom settings to scale images to fit or crop them to fill the screen in both Desktop and full screen modes. The file list is now fully flexible, so you can go backwards and forwards through a list of images, rather than only forwards. Custom lists can be built to produce slideshows of pictures scattered across various locations.
  • ViNCe v1.28
    A VNC client, allowing you to work on a remote desktop environment through the network, from a RISC OS computer. New in this version: the server can now be defined using a host name; mouse wheel support.

Club News

Upcoming meetings

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