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Acorn News Service Newsletter

Issue: 282 (5 February 2012)

Featured site this issue: http://www.riscos-swshow.co.uk/

General News

Orpheus and RCI announce South West Show

Orpheus Internet and R-Comp Interactive are pleased to announce the RISC OS SouthWest Show, 2012. Given that there was some doubt over the show this year, the two companies have joined forces to ensure that "the show must go on"!

The date for the exhibition will be Saturday, 25th February, 2012. The location is the Webbington Hotel, near Weston-super-Mare, the same as previous years.

To allow time for people to arrive in the morning, the show will not begin until 10.45am, and will finish at 3.30/4pm depending upon how busy things are.

Many of the "usual suspects" for RISC OS exhibitions have already confirmed their attendance, so hopefully it will be a good show. With so many new RISC OS/ARM developments recently, there is a real buzz in the RISC OS scene at the moment, and we hope you will be able to come to share it with us.

Richard Brown of Orpheus Internet said, "I always find the SW Show very enjoyable, and wanted to ensure that the show took place - it is important to us to keep in touch with our friends and customers in the South West".

Andrew at R-Comp added, "The shows are the lifeblood of the RISC OS world, allowing users and companies to meet up during the year. They are integral to keeping RISC OS alive, and so we wanted to ensure the SW Show continued. With exciting new hardware such as the ARMini and the latest RISCubes, not to mention other new possibilities, it is a great time for RISC OS, and we look forward to sharing this excitement with everyone at the show."


MassFS OtherDevs list updated

The OtherDevs list on the RISC OS wiki has been updated with details of more devices supported by Simtec USB: <http://www.riscos.info/index.php/MassFS_OtherDevs_entries>

Commercial News

New Fireworkz Pro update available

R-Comp is pleased to announce a new release of Fireworkz Pro, the popular integrated word processor, spreadsheet, and database system for RISC OS.

The main improvements in this release have been to Excel import, with significant enhancements to the handling of newer .xls format files. The release also incorporates the latest changes from Fireworkz for Windows, improved DOS/data file format detection, cut'n'paste improvements, and various cosmetic enhancements.


Impact v3.40 released

A new version of the Impact relational database application has just been released. Impact now is at version 3.40. It is available as a free upgrade for users who have purchased 3.37 or later.

Anyone using versions 3.37 to 3.39 is urged to download the upgrade and install as soon as possible, as it fixes a nasty bug in card design mode, which was only present in those versions.

As usual there are lots of other bug fixes and minor improvements in this version. The major work in this release has been around speed improvements and the import tool.

Upgrade prices for users who are on versions 3.36 or earlier are also available on the web site.


PD/Shareware News

Updated software summary

  • DrawPrint v1.34
    Splits DrawFiles for printing over several pages. Bug fixes.
  • Form Filler v1.14
    At the press of a button, places pre-configured text where the cursor is. This version works with the ARMini. <http://riscos.kevsoft.co.uk/news/?p=49>
  • PrivateEye v2.99
    Viewer for Sprites, DrawFiles, JPEGs, ArtWorks, GIFs, and PNGs. This version is rebuilt for ARMv7 compatibility and is licensed under a BSD license. It also has an improved blur effect, midpoint curve effect, improved FFG import, and uses libjpeg version 8c.
  • Wrangler v1.03
    Wrangler offers a range of mathematical puzzles. This version adds a new puzzle, "Binary", where you complete a grid with the numbers 0 and 1 to satisfy simple rules. Shareware GBP5.

Club News

Upcoming meetings

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