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Issue: 286 (3 June 2012)

Featured site this issue: http://www.thediamondjubilee.org/

General News

Arche gathering

The Arche gathering 2.2 takes places on Saturday, 16th June 2012, in room 104 in the Unperfekthaus, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18, 45127 Essen. The usual fees apply: EUR6.50 for 5h entrance, EUR10.50 for the whole day.

Updates will be posted at <http://forum.acorn.de/topic.php?id=553>

OpenVector mailing list

OpenVector does everything Draw does and more. To subscribe to the new mailing list send a (blank) e-mail to: <openvector+subscribe@torrens.org.uk>


Commercial News

PandaLand support scheme for PandaBoard

PandaLand provides PandaBoard owners with software and operating system components in line with R-Comp's ARMini computer package, providing custom software (several hundred MBs) and facilitating use of RISC OS with PandaBoard.

Included in the price is a licensed copy of RISC OS suitable for Panda operation, preloaded onto a SD card. Just slot it into your board, and off you go. As with ARMini/Beagle, R-Comp will be providing regular, tested updates. A CMOS RAM widget is also included, allowing Panda to have the same CMOS capabilities as any other RISC OS computer.

Other highlights include ARMini video enhancements to provide a wide range of screen mode support and help eliminate the "green digital distortion" problem that can affect the PandaBoard's video output at high resolutions.

Both the original Pandaboard and Pandaboard ES are supported. Pricing is as per Beagleboard Support Scheme (BBSS), but existing BBSS members can join for just GBP39.99 inclusive.


PD/Shareware News

New software summary

  • Daggorath, role playing game port
    Daggorath is based on the sourcecode of Dungeons of Daggorath, a ground- breaking game from 1982 for the Tandy (Radio Shack) Colour Computer and the Dragon computer. It was one of the first games with role-playing and 1st-person elements, and the first to use a sympathetic heartbeat. <http://www.users.on.net/~belles/software/daggorath/>.

Updated software summary

  • Basalt v1.42 beta
    BASIC Alternative keywords, a module that adds many extra features to all versions of BBC BASIC V.
  • BBFlash v0.03
    BBFlash writes files to an SD or micro-SD card for a BeagleBoard without needing to remove the card from the board. This version fixes a serious bug.
  • DigitalRenderer v0.56 beta 8
    This module is used to provide sound support for applications and games ported to RISC OS using the SharedUnixLibrary, including FFplay and MPlayer. This release fixes another bug that surfaced with the recent release of HHeretic and HHexen.
  • DrawPrint v1.39
    DrawPrint allows you to print a Draw file (or Sprite or JPEG) over several pages at the scale of your choice. The new version fixes a bug with the Preview window, where some buttons disappeared if the paper was not tall enough.
  • Impulse v0.22
    The Impulse module provides a framework for inter-application command execution and data transfer, and is used by Impact, Powerbase, and other databases in conjunction with Impression, ImpEmail, and Ovation Pro for mail merging and report generation. This version corrects a bug introduced in the previous version that prevented Impression from working properly.
  • Lcheck v1.08
    Lottery syndicate application. This version can download the last 11 draws of Euro Millions providing wget is installed on your machine. <http://riscos.kevsoft.co.uk/news/?p=55>
  • FFmpeg and FFplay v1.23
    FFmpeg is a versatile, open-source, multi-platform video and audio converter. FFplay is a simple media player built on FFmpeg and SDL. FFplay has had a minor update to increase its speed with particular benefit to fullscreen mode.
  • OpenVector and DrawPlus v3.41.2
    Open-source enhancements to Draw. This release introduces a new capability: when clicking with the Alt key down, DrawPlus and OpenVector will act as if there is no object beneath the pointer.
  • RTMPDump v2.3
    A command-line fetcher of RTMP streams (like Wget does for HTTP). This can be used to download some videos accessed by Flash players on other platforms. It nicely complements FFmpeg and FFplay.
  • SuperDoku v1.27
    Sudoku puzzles. This version adds Diamond puzzles, which are Sudoku puzzles with extra blocks forming a diamond shape.
  • Wrangler v1.05
    Puzzle games. This version adds three new puzzle types to the existing four: Hitori, Suko, and Sujiko. Suko and Sujiko involve adding up while Hitori is pure logic.

Club News

Upcoming meetings

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